The 5 Best Apps for Toddlers in 2021

Are you looking for games for your toddlers this summer? There are many exciting game apps for kids out there. Here are the 5 best apps for toddlers in 2021.

Over half of the children in the US own a mobile phone. 

Whether you think this is a good idea or irresponsible, it can’t be denied that kids are interested in this modern technology.

Better yet, using a mobile phone is a great way to keep kids distracted when you are busy. They are especially useful when traveling on a plane or train!

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best apps for toddlers to download today:

1. Help Kids Learn With Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

The little monkey in this game makes learning super fun! Colors, shapes, and counting are just a few things your child will learn. 

For the price of just $1.99, you’ll receive an app with seven games with sounds, stickers, and unlimited play. Better yet, by paying you say no to disruptive ads.

The simple interface is easy for your little one to use. There are no navigation pages so as soon as you click on the app, they’re ready to play!

2. Create Animated Stickers for Images

Is your little one always taking pictures of themselves? Now they can create and add stickers to these images too.

Animated Stickers Powered by GIPHY is an app worth exploring if your little one is a creative genius.

3. Encourage a Healthcare Career With Toca Doctor

Do you dream of your little one growing up to be a nurse or a doctor? Then this is the app that you should download. 

There are around 20 puzzles to solve which involve examining patients and diagnosing them. This game may increase your child’s empathy too.

Furthermore, your little one will learn all about how illness is spread through funny bacteria characters.

4. Peek-A-Zoo for Guess Who Fans

If you loved playing Guess Who as a kid, why not share your enthusiasm for the game by downloading Peek-a-Zoo for your child?

In this game, your child will be asked to identify animals and emotions. This game is best for young children aged between two years and five years old.

Your child will learn animal names, understand positions, and listen to silly animal sounds. Expect a lot of giggling while they play this game!

5. LEGO DUPLO World Is Great for Old Fans

Who doesn’t love playing with LEGO? If you’re traveling in the car, then bringing LEGO along simply isn’t a good idea. 

Instead, why not download this app for your children? You’ll boost their creativity as you’re on the road. 

Expect fun play experiences, cool vehicles, buildings, and animals. Furthermore, your child will be learning while they have fun.

Which of the Best Apps for Toddlers Will You Choose?

The best apps for toddlers are, of course, those which they love playing! Apps are a great way to keep kids occupied so there is no point only downloading games that bore them. 

As well as encouraging your child to learn through apps, why not also download podcasts or TV shows that are educational and fun?

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