Temporary Care Options for Elderly Parents

Your healthy, aging mother or father has fallen or has had a hip replacement or knee replacement surgery.  While doctors expect a full recovery, daily care will be needed for at least several weeks. What options are available? Among the possibilities is having a family member stay with the parent for a while. Another option is having your loved one admitted to an inpatient rehabilitative care facility. A third consideration is to look into hiring an in home caregiver Massachusetts. Learning more about each of these options will help family members make the right decision.

Family Caregiver

When a parent needs full-time help to care for his or her basic needs, the natural inclination for adult children is to take on this responsibility themselves. While this is admirable, it may not always be practical or wise. Caring for an elderly loved who is recovering from a fall or surgery can be a full-time job. Many adult children already have a full-time job. There may also be children and other responsibilities to care for. Therefore, providing the help your parents need may be very difficult.  Be sure to check out https://theelderexpo.com/ for seniors with special needs.

Rehabilitation Center

rehabilitation care center may be an attractive option, as it will offer the care and physical therapy that is needed. It may also be covered by insurance or Medicare. Choosing this option will ensure that 24-hour care will be provided. Additionally, the rehabilitation program will most likely be more intensive than if it was offered in the home. This may lead to getting your loved one back on his or her feet sooner.

Professional Home Caregiver

While this option may not lead to as fast a recovery as in a rehabilitation care community, it can be a viable alternative to providing care yourself. A home caregiver can help with bathing, dressing, shopping, cleaning, cooking, running errands and more. This will enable your parent to stay at home and receive the care and attention they need. While 24-hour care may not be provided, hiring someone to provide care and services in the home will enable adult children to still give attention to their parents without being obligated to provide for every need. It will also allow them to take care of their own family, work, get proper rest and maybe even maintain a social life.

Giving consideration to these options and others may make it easier to reach a decision that will lead to the best possible outcome for the people who matter most in your life.