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Taste Test: Tostitos Multigrain Tortilla Chips

Taste Test: Tostitos Multigrain Tortilla ChipsI recently sampled Tostitos Multigrain Tortilla Chips. To be honest, these are more like tostadas than chips – the things are huge!

But they’re rather tasty: crunchy, salty, satiating – everything you want in a chip, as long as you acknowledge it’s a fried bit of flour.

From a company like Frito-Lay, you might expect a lot of ingredients you don’t recognize. Think again.

Now I’m not saying these are a health food – by any stretch of the imagination – but the ingredient list is surprisingly straightforward:

  • Whole corn
  • Vegetable oil
  • Corn starch
  • Whole buckwheat flour
  • Whole oat flour
  • Sugar
  • Toasted corn germ
  • Whole wheat flour
  • Salt

I don’t love all of those ingredients – but at least I can pronounce them.

A one ounce, eight chip serving gets you:

  • 150 calories
  • 7 g fat
  • 110 mg sodium
  • < 1 g sugar
  • 2 g dietary fiber

Chips are a sometimes food – and you don’t eat them for their 2 grams of fiber per serving. You eat them because you like them, you balance them with healthy foods and you keep the portions to a minimum. Or in the case of this 8-chip serving, you keep portions to a miniscule!

“Multigrain” is often misleading when it comes to snack food – since it isn’t the same as whole grain. But in the case of Tostitos recently revamped Multigrain Tortilla Chips – I’d have to say they’re a decent choice.

The sodium content is respectable for a salty snack food, and the four types of whole grain certainly lend a tasty crunch towards that 2 grams of fiber.

Now…if I could only get myself to stop eating after 8 chips…

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