Fiber Diet: The New Way to Lose Weight

a lady measuring her waist

Fiber is known for many reasons, especially for its function in regulating gut movement. But the benefits of this food component do not stop here. For many decades, a fiber-rich diet has been used for several purposes. Some people use it for cardiac benefits, while others enjoy it for the filling properties. … Read more

The Reality behind Fiber: Real vs. Fake

a bunch of fiber-rich foods

Nutrition is an important part of our well-being and development. It helps us know about nutrients in food, why we need them, and how the body uses them. Knowing the primary facts about nutrients can assist us in taking better care of our health and preventing diseases. There are seven major classes … Read more

Great Marketing for Crappy Kids’ Cereal Draws Fire


This week, Washington, DC-based Center for Science in the Public Interest released a report analyzing the nutritional quality of foods marketed to children on Nickelodeon. The report is a follow-up to CSPI’s 2005 report and Guidelines for Responsible Food Marketing to Children. The report found that 80% of Nickelodeon food commercials are … Read more