Pulses Can Be Beneficial To Reduce LDL

green pulses

Studies have proved that pulses are associated with lower LDL. But before going into details, it is essential to know about LDL and pulses. Pulses Pulses (members of the legume family) are dried edible seeds, which are also known as grain legumes. There are 11 varieties of pulses, recognized by the United … Read more

Peanuts: A Food to Take to Heart

roasted peanuts

A Harvard study found that people who ate a handful of nuts every day lived longer, healthier lives than those who did not eat nuts. Most people think that peanuts belong to the nut family, but in actual it belongs to the legume family. Since peanuts are grown underground, they are considered as ground-nuts. … Read more

The Return of Pressure Cookers in the Household

A basic pressure cooker with a simple regulator and an oval lid

While pressure cookers are thoroughly loved in the cooking industry, there are a few reservations for their use in household purposes. Incidents of explosions and mishandling have put a question mark on the reliability of this cooking ware. But how this danger slogan got attached to the perfectly fine cooking device and … Read more

Kids Now Need Cholesterol Screening

Kids Now Need Cholesterol Screening

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently endorsed the new National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s (NHLBI) recommendation to begin screening children for high cholesterol as early as age 9. While the importance of early detection of cardiovascular disease – the number one killer of Americans – cannot be understated, these recommendations do … Read more

Edamame: High Fiber & Perfect Protein

Edamame: High Fiber & Perfect Protein

Found mostly in Japanese cuisine, Edamame is actually out of the shell edible soybeans. If you translate the word ‘Edamame’ in English, you will find out that it means ‘beans on branches.’ Edamame is a powerhouse. They are packed with high-fiber, protein, and a moderate amount of calories that make it a … Read more