5 Tips for Vegans on a Budget

5 Tips for Vegans on a Budget

When money is short, eating healthy can become daunting. Fortunately, the vegan lifestyle tends to be cheaper than a meat eating one. However, a vegetarian diet can be expensive if you fail to plan, budget or be practical about how you buy your food. In this article, we provide you with 5 … Read more

Top Reasons for You to Fall in Love with Fiber

Foods rich in fibers fruits, vegetables and grains

Fiber amongst many other essential compounds is important for your health. There was a time when people thought fiber did not have much significant health value. With the passage of time, several studies were conducted and the evidence regarding fiber and their influence on overall health came to light. One of the … Read more

Cereal Fiber Beats Back Diabetes Risk

Cereal Fiber Beats Back Diabetes Risk

If you need yet another reason to get your fiber on – a new study shows cereal fiber can help keep diabetes at bay. A study published in the journal Diabetologia showed that not only does dietary fiber help fight type 2 diabetes risk, but it also helps lower Body Mass Index … Read more

Fiber: The Key to a Healthy Heart

fruit salad in a heart-shaped bowl

Most of us understand the function of fiber in controlling problems like constipation. But the benefits of fiber do not limit to the gut functions only. Instead, a little fiber in your diet can do wonders for your overall health as well. And while it might sound like a lot, a bump … Read more

High-fiber and Vegan Diet – Key to a Lean Body

carrots and broccoli being sautéed in a pan

A vegetarian diet consists mainly of plant-based foods that include not only fruits and vegetables but also nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, oils, etc. There are different levels of vegetarianism; many people primarily avoid the use of meats along with other animal products. There are misconceptions regarding a vegetarian diet. Most people think … Read more