Fruits & Veggies Fight Childhood Constipation

Fruits & Veggies Fight Childhood Constipation

One of the many benefits of a high fiber diet is that – when combined with adequate fluid intake – fiber helps prevent against constipation. This apparently applies to children as well as adults. In a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, researchers in Hong Kong found that primary school children who … Read more

Health Benefits of Fiber

Cereal fiber breakfast

Fiber is a natural carbohydrate that’s good for you. It’s an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet. As you may know, fiber is an ever-present component of a dietitian-recommended meal plan. Why is that so? It’s because increasing your dietary fiber intake provides several health benefits for the body. Fiber is classified into two … Read more

Improve Your Digestion: 3 Best Foods for Gut Health

Who knew that you could eat your way to a healthier gut? Improve your digestion and heal your gut with our list of the 3 best foods for gut health. Struggling with bloating, constipation, or tummy pain? Your gut might be out of whack. Before popping pills, consider changing your diet and eating habits. Some … Read more