Does Consuming Prunes Help Constipation?


Constipation is always troublesome. It could happen to anyone, even young individuals. Although it is more common in elderly people it puts a halt to one’s everyday routine. In severe cases, it could become chronic that in reality is quite painful. Constipation occurs due to a variety of reasons. It could simply … Read more

Everything about Cherries

a bunch of red cherries

Cherries are attractive, fresh, delicious, and plentiful members of rose (Rosaceae) family. Cherries are one of the healthiest and nutritious fruits. They hold the rank for being the most health-protective food as well. Twenty-one cherries that make-up about one cup, not only fulfill 15% of the daily requirement of vitamin C but … Read more

High Fiber Blueberry Breakfast Muffins

High Fiber Blueberry Breakfast Muffins

Muffins can be a health-conscious person’s downfall. Portion sizes have ballooned over the years, and it’s not unusual to see a commercial muffin contain over 400 calories. And because you should include some fiber at each meal, a good breakfast means you need a good dose of fiber. If you’re interested in … Read more

Fresh, Frozen, Canned & Dried Fruit: How Does Fiber Content Stack Up?

Fresh, Frozen, Canned & Dried Fruit: How Does Fiber Content Stack Up?

Trying to increase dietary fiber intake usually means adding more fruit to your diet. As a rule, fruit has more fiber per serving (3-5 grams/serving) than do vegetables (1-3 grams/serving). But what kind of fruit is best if you’re concerned about fiber? When we’re talking about fruit, there are generally four categories … Read more

Mott’s and Other Applesauces

Mott’s Plus Fiber Applesauce

Mott’s Applsauce has a line of snack-sized applesauce cups. Three different flavors are “formulated with important nutrients for which women often don’t meet their daily requirements”: Cranberry Raspberry flavor has 3 grams of dietary fiber Apple flavor provides 10% of the daily value for calcium (100 mg) Pomegranate provides 17 mg of … Read more

Get Your Pear On

Four different varieties of pears

A pear is a sweet, mild fruit full of dietary fiber and essential antioxidants. It packs these nutrients in a cholesterol-free, fat-free package. Pear trees and shrubs are from the family Rosaceae, bearing the pomaceous fruit of the same name. Many species of pear are valued for their delicious fruit and juices, … Read more

Glace Fruits are Not Necessarily Bad for You

Glace Fruits are Not Necessarily Bad for You

You might hear people saying that glace fruit is terrible due to the high sugar content. You would rather eat fresh fruits and get the nutrients you need instead of choosing processed fruits. These statements are both right and wrong. It is right in the sense that some glace fruits underwent processing … Read more