Health Benefits of Marrow vegetable

Marrow vegetable is a general term used to refer to a number of summer squash varieties. Also known in the United Kingdom as vegetable marrows or simply marrows, marrow vegetables are typically larger and longer than zucchini, with smooth, thin, edible peel that can range in color from light beige to deep green. Marrow vegetables … Read more

Health Benefits of Curcuma zanthorrhiza

Curcuma zanthorrhiza, known as Temulawak, Java ginger or Javanese ginger, is a plant species, belonging to the ginger family. It is known in Javanese as temulawak, in Sundanese as koneng gede and in Madurese as temu labak. Here are some Health Benefits of Curcuma zanthorrhiza Overcoming indigestion Various health disorders in the digestive tract such … Read more

Amazing Benefits of kaffir lime for Health & Beauty

The kaffir lime, sometimes referred to in English as the makrut lime, is a fruit native to Indochinese and Malesian ecoregions in India, Nepal, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, and adjacent countries. Here are some Benefits of kaffir lime for Health & Beauty kaffir lime for beautiful kaffir lime water is a good hair … Read more

How Exercise Benefits Your Health

There is no such thing as a bad exercise. Whether it is yoga, high-intensity interval training, or a low-impact workout, exercise has proven to provide a lot of health benefits. In addition to weight loss, regular exercise can help you regulate your cholesterol and blood pressure; it can help relieve the signs and symptoms of … Read more