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Sushi Sage: Choose Wisely

Sushi Sage: Choose WiselySushi: it can make or break you.

Choose wisely and you’re looking at great lean protein sources and high fiber menu items: nourishing yourself without breaking the caloric bank. Choose the wrong way and you’re chomping on fried foods and high saturated fat condiments.

If you’re looking for tips on making the right choices at sushi, check out Shape Magazine’s “The Best and Worst Sushi for Weight Loss” – loaded with tips from nutrition experts for toeing the line at sushi joints.

A few tricks to try out at your next sushi outing:

  • Choose soba noodles – made from buckwheat, high in fiber
  • Use chopsticks – your struggles with dexterity will make you eat slower
  • Choose reduced-sodium soy sauce – 25% lower sodium isn’t low-salt, but better than regular
  • Avoid mayo and cream-cheese filled rolls
  • Get brown rice when it’s available
  • Fill up with miso soup – low in calories – but high in salt – starts your meal out right

Leave your next sushi dinner knowing you made the right choices!

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