Strong Reasons Why Himalayan Salt Lamps Are Effective for Spas and Yoga Studio

Spa and yoga are popular ways to live your life with positivity. For you to enjoy your spa and yoga, you must have a relaxing atmosphere; fresh air to breathe and proper lighting lamps. There are two different kinds of salt lamps which include the Himalayan salt candle holder or rock salt lamps and crystal salt lamps. All of these lamps are very effective in boosting the energy and giving relaxation while you have a spa or yoga.

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps or Rock Salt Lamps?

Himalayan salt is also called the pink salt lamp or rock salt lamp. The Himalayan salt lamp is made up of salt. The pink salt lamps are popular because they have a pink color and a different shape. You can find the salt crystal in the Himalayan Mountains.

  •  These lamps are available in plenty of designs and shapes with the light bulbs placed inside and are designed as candle-holders as well.
  • The pink salt lamps undergo a process called hygroscopy in which the water vapor from the surrounding air is attracted to the salt.
  • Hygroscopy by these salt lamps makes it easier for your air passages to become cleaner. This way breathing becomes easier because, with the moisture that is attracted to the salt lamp, allergens, pollens, and dust particles present in the water vapors, are also removed from the air.
  • The color of these salt lamps ranges from pink to orange.

Top 5 reasons why Himalayan Salt Lamps are significantly effective for spa/yoga studios? 

The following are the lists of reasons why it is very effective while you have a spa or yoga:

  • The lamp absorbs air pollutants and makes the atmosphere clean, making the superb environment to have spa or yoga.
  • It has negative ions which help in alleviating depression, relieving stress, and boosting your daytime energy.
  • It removes the pessimist thinking from mind and boosts your sense of consciousness, which is the prerequisite for developing stamina in spa or yoga.
  • It improves the circulation of your blood by providing sufficient oxygen to the brain.
  • It emits orange light which has unique characteristics to enhance motivation to do more while doing yoga.

What is Crystal Salt Rock? 

A crystal salt lamp has the features of a white translucent crystal. The lamp gives you a relaxed atmosphere which makes it an amazing choice for yoga and spa. You also need to take note, that it has a strong capacity for moisture absorption so you need to use it only inside your house to prevent moisture from entering your lamp. Avoid using water to clean your lamp because the water can cause damage.

How are Crystal Salt Lamps effective enough to maintain fitness level during yoga and in fitness center?

  • It serves as an excellent air purifier. It is important to cleanse the air so that you will not feel suffocated inside your room while performing some mind and body exercises. Using a lamp that has air purification power allows you to breathe properly and deliver the right amount of oxygen throughout your body so that every part of your body will function efficiently and effectively.
  • It Improves flexibility and posture. The orange colored light, having a unique wavelength, has superb impact on the muscles in the body. You can stretch muscles safely and confidently while making different postures in yoga.
  • Improves mental fitness by reducing stress. Not only spa or yoga serves best to reduce stress but also the crystal salt lamps serve this purpose by creating a fresh environment similar to the one when birds fly early in the morning.
  • It boosts energy and motivation. The clean environment with the most suitable orange light serves as an energy source like the rising sun early in the morning. This encourages people to keep doing yoga on a daily basis.
  • It reduces chances of chronic pain. A perfect spa or yoga is possible by using crystal salt lamps because of its specification as discussed above. This perfection is essential to avoid possible chronic pain, which may damage your muscles at best or damage your bones at worse.

Here are some reasons why you need to use crystal salt lamps in soothing places Like spa:

  • With crystal salt lamps, you will have proper lighting and ventilation in your room when you are doing yoga or spa to remove the pain in your muscles.
  • It is effective in balancing the radiation emitted by your gadgets.
  • The negative ions that it generates are influential in removing the negative feelings that you have.
  • You will close your eyes; breathe the fresh air so that it will remove the negative energy inside your body.
  • This salt lamp will help purify the air in your room because in yoga we do the breathing exercises and meditation to clear our minds.
  • The lamp will ensure that the oxygen you inhale is good for your body because it is fresh and healthy for your body.
  • It removes the strain on your body muscles and removes your stress
  • People with chronic illness and muscle pain will be healed easily.
  • The crystal is effective in removing negative feelings such as anxiety and loneliness.

As you can see, the Himalayan rock salt lamps and crystal salt lamps have the characteristics to help you live life to its fullest, so they are all good for you depending on your preferences. In choosing the lamps, consider their individual characteristics as listed above and choose the one that works best for you in your pursuit of a good and positive life.