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Stir Crazy: Pop to It

Stir Crazy: Pop to ItAir popped popcorn is an insane fiber find. Five cups of air-popped popcorn gets you 6 grams of fiber for only 150 calories – an excellent, unadulterated, high-fiber snacking option. But many air poppers just don’t cut it. If your popcorn tastes stale, it’s probably not the kernels – but rather your popper – that is to blame. Enter West Bend’s Stir Crazy® Corn Popper. This magical appliance utilizes a rotating metal rod to keep kernels from attaching to its non-stick surface. The plastic cover can be conveniently inverted to serve as your bowl. Best of all, it churns out glorious, puffy kernels with no need for added oil, and no chewy, stale output either. It’s a bit cumbersome when it comes to storage, but you’ll get over it once you taste Stir Crazy’s consistently good results. The Stir Crazy Corn Popper is available at Target for $25 or on Amazon for $34.

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