Stages of development of gambling addiction

Addiction is a disease Psychological dependence on the game is called addiction. This phenomenon is recognized as a disease, along with alcoholism, drug addiction and sex addiction. Special psychological groups have been set up to help such players. Therapy and group training sessions are held to treat gambling addiction. It is believed that it is very difficult to cure this disease alone.

As a rule, players in the initial stages can still control themselves.

They calculate the amounts they can afford to lose and try not to go out of budget.

As the addiction becomes more and more fascinating to the player, he ceases to give a sober account of his actions.

He begins to come up with excuses and excuses for his actions. Often at this stage the player begins to borrow money for the game. Once you start playing for debt or other people’s money, it is important to acknowledge the problem and start getting rid of it.In the end, the player falls into a trap: he owes money to everyone and the only way to pay off debts is to win big. And for that you need to put more. The circle closes and the person begins to look for money for the game.

And here it does not matter what and how it will be tomorrow. It does not matter what this money was planned to be spent on and whose it was. There is only now, and at this moment he can play. And he continues to play. He already has an official reason for its continuation. In fact, it is also self-deception. Even if the addict wins a large sum, he will continue, hoping for an even bigger win. And the result here is always the same – “drain” all the money available to him and the bottom of the social ladder.

Who are the addicts?

Casino players are often compared to drug addicts. In general, we agree with this comparison. Addiction is a very strong addiction to gambling. Instead of drugs, addicts have strong emotions, adrenaline and endorphins, which get into the bloodstream with a big win or a bonus game. The longer he feeds his passion, the stronger his addiction.

You may have heard the phrase “there is only one passion in life.” For the player, it becomes a game, and it covers all other aspects of life. Family, work, hobbies – all this becomes unimportant. Even money in itself ceases to be a value. A person begins to treat expenses very easily.

Easy attitude to money

  • Money for a ludoman is not paramount. On a subconscious level, he no longer believes in the possibility of winning.
  • He thinks, “Leave a thousand for tea at a restaurant? Why not? After all, in the evening I will lose and win hundreds of thousands. What does this thousand mean? ”
  • The game becomes an obsession. Soon the ludoman begins to dream of big wins, slots and situations when he was very lucky. In this case, the subconscious is already completely under the control of addiction and you need to seek help (read about it below).
  • The worst thing is that even if this dream becomes a reality, the addict is likely to continue to play (possibly with a break of 1-2 days) in the hope of even greater gain.

Features of addiction

Like addiction, addiction requires a constant increase in dose. When playing at the same rate, the body ceases to respond so sharply to related experiences. To feel even stronger emotions, you need to raise rates. Then even higher and even higher.

Maximum bets on slot machines and video slots can reach $ 1,000 per spin. Believe me, they also play at this rate. A person will receive his dose of adrenaline as long as the amount he plays for is of great importance to him.

It does not matter how much money the player had before the addiction. The millionaire will be bored to play for 100 hryvnias – he will start with thousands, and then will raise the stakes. The player who owns tens of millions will start with tens of thousands and will raise bets. Any casino will be happy to raise the maximum bids on your account on the first request.

A standard ludoman game session

While the player is in the initial and intermediate stages of dependence, the standard game session usually takes place as follows:

A person can easily stop if he wins. Unfortunately, after withdrawing funds to the payment system, he begins to be haunted by the thought that he could win even more. It all ends with either the cancellation of funds and the continuation of the game, or re-deposit and continuation of the game.

If a player loses, he will do everything to continue the game, he definitely needs to win back. This phenomenon is called “a sense of revenge.” The insult of losing money pushes the player to reckless actions, the only purpose of which is to start the game again.

If a player has a large amount on the balance, he will bet a lot; if the amount is small – he will start looking for ways to replenish his account or will imagine that he is playing big.

The metamorphoses that take place in our consciousness truly know no bounds.

Check to see if you have a mania

Am I crazy? To answer the question: “Am I crazy or not?”, We offer you a small test. Below is a list of questions to identify signs of addiction. Answer them in one syllable (yes / no) and look at the result.

  • Do you spend more than an hour a day playing?
  • Are you spending more money on the game than you planned?
  • Were there times when you borrowed money for the game?
  • Have you ever chosen a game instead of a family vacation or changed plans just because of the game?
  • Have you ever dreamed of a game and a big win in a particular game?
  • Did you wake up at night to continue the game?
  • Did you cancel the withdrawal from the casino to continue the game, and then drained everything?
  • Did you notice that your hands are shaking in anticipation of a fast game or did you hurry to the video slot to start the game faster?
  • Do you feel very aroused when receiving money not intended for the game. Did you play them later?

If you answer yes to at least two questions, you become addicted.

If the answer is “yes” – more than two,this is a serious reason to try to change your attitude to gambling and turn to a specialist to help get rid of addiction. Play Aussie online casino responsibly and for fun.