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Sorghum with a Twist of Salt

Sorghum with a Twist of SaltDon’t be surprised if you start seeing more sorghum.

Despite being the fifth most popular cereal grain in the world (according to the Whole Grains Council), most people don’t consider sorghum a go-to whole grain.

But a new line of chips from Popcorners is working on that.

Popcorners’ Popped Whole Grain Chips are made from popped whole grain sorghum, a pretty innovative turn for the chip aisle.

With 110 calories in a 1 oz serving, these popped whole grains have 3.5 g total fat, 2 g dietary fiber, and 3 g protein.

Sorghum is a gluten free grain, and these chips are not only gluten free but also GMO free.

I recently sampled the Twisted Salt flavor. The ingredient list is simple: whole grain sorghum, sunflower oil, and tropical seasoning (salt, onion powder, garlic powder and spices).

While the nutritionals and ingredient list are impressive for a chip, the flavor is a bit off. The garlic and onion powders are overwhelming, leaving what can best be described as a musty aftertaste.

So while these chips need some work when it comes to flavor, it is at least refreshing to see some sorghum getting shelf space.

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