Sneaky Healthy Thanksgiving Desserts

Did you know that the typical Thanksgiving dinner contains more than 3,000 calories?

Since you probably want to indulge in dessert without overdoing it this year, here are some sneaky tips for satisfying your sweet tooth without breaking your calorie budget:

Swap in Sweetpotatoes

A sweetpotato (which is all 1 word!) is an entirely different vegetable than a potato, with its own set of nutrients:

  • The sweetness of sweet potatoes comes out when you bake them – consider swapping in mashed sweet potato in place of fat and sugar in your baked goods
  • 1 sweet potato contains more than 100% of your daily vitamin A needs
  • For some great dessert recipe ideas featuring sweetpotatoes, check out the California Sweetpotato recipe page at (my favorites are the Sweetpotato Oatmeal Cookies and Sweetpotato Lava Cake)

Raisin the Bar with Your Baked Goods

Another way to liven up your holiday desserts is to put a healthy spin on traditional favorites. I do this by incorporating raisins in my desserts.

Raisins are awesome to bake with, because as a dried fruit, they come by their sweetness naturally:

For more info on Sneaky Healthy Thanksgiving Desserts, check out my segment on Good Morning San Diego from earlier this week.

Sneaky Healthy Thanksgiving Desserts

Special thanks to California Sweetpotatoes and California Raisins for providing recipes and sponsoring the above segment.

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