Schlank 101 – How Walking Can Help You Lose Weight

Of course you’ve heard all about dieting and exercise, but many people get overwhelmed as they think that exercise means they have to do grueling workouts every single day. The truth is, you can lose a significant amount of weight just by walking, and in this guide, we’re going to explain just how walking can be the one primary way that you can lose weight.

We’re not just going to give you the rundown, but we’re going to spell it out in explicit definitions that can make you want to possibly walk more when you’re done reading this.

You Can Burn a Lot of Calories Walking

No matter what your calorie content is, while this factor is important, it’s also crucial to know that walking burns calories. Therefore, if you’re trying to schlank werden (or lose weight), you need to generally burn more calories than you’re intaking at any given day. Fortunately, walking can actually burn more calories than short burst activities at times, because you can actually walk longer. Just walking a mile can easily burn a hundred calories depending on your gender and how much you weigh.

Walking Preserves Muscle Mass

If you walk regularly, and not just jog and work out hard, you can actually increase and maintain lean muscle by walking, especially while you’re dieting. When you’re losing weight by other means like dieting, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting your exercise and keeping your muscles active so you can continue to keep muscle and body mass a little bit, but have it be in the form of lean muscle to keep your strength up.

Walking Can Enhance Your Mood

While you may think you’re one of the few that don’t enjoy a good quiet walk, being able to take regular walks not only instills health, burns calories, as well as belly fat, but it can also make you feel better in many ways. Sometimes it’s good just to get a nice quiet escape to relax while you’re walking. You can briskly walk if you wish, but you really don’t have to go all out with arms flailing like you see some “power walkers” do.

Simply increasing your physical activity by walking, you can actually decrease your different hormones that are in your body that cause negative mood-altering factors like stress, anxiety, and even depression. When you walk, your brain becomes an attractant for many hormones and your body ends up producing those hormones (primarily serotonin and norepinephrine) that can make you feel better in general.


If you’re wanting to keep the weight off, and even just lose weight in the first place, walking is usually not only the best step to start with, but also one that you can continue to do to keep yourself feeling healthy and happy along with a good diet. Just be sure to get just enough healthy carbohydrates and veggies to give you vitamins you need that will boost your energy levels. The more you walk, the more you will get used to it, and you can keep increasing the distance, your walking speed, and even add weights (like armbands and ankle bands) to give yourself a boost of physical exercise and burn more calories.