Reasons You Are Unable to Sleep and Solutions

Count yourself lucky if you can fall asleep with ease and wake up after a solid seven to eight hours. This will speak a lot about your lifestyle, discipline, sleep health and general well-being. Nowadays, most people are unable to sleep and the reasons may vary from distractions to having sleep disorders that may affect the ability to sleep. If you are a pro sleeper and you notice you are having some difficulties falling asleep. There might be a reason for this new development. Mentioned below are some common reasons you are unable to sleep and some solutions that might help.

Alcoholic drink at bedtime

Now and then, people consume a glass or two of their favorite alcoholic drinks before bedtime. It may seem like a good or relaxing way to unwind after a long day. However, the effect it has on your ability to sleep is obvious it was a bad idea. The reason being alcoholic drinks interfere with your natural REM sleep cycle. Eventually, you feel fatigued in the morning starting your mornings with low energy. The best solution is to avoid any drink before bed. That simple. Anyhow two glasses maximum rarely affect sleep in comparison to drinking a whole wine bottle. Add a glass or two of water after this to boost your hydration level at night for alcohol dehydrates you.

Weight loss routines

Weight loss routines

Weight loss is right now a universally discussed topic. It has also brought about several diets from simple diets to extreme diets that factor in fasting as a way to cut weight. Is your weight loss routine causing you to sleep hungry? That is the issue right there. If yes, the effects of lack of eating at night for fear or guilt of adding weight makes you unable to eat. The hunger pangs at night lead to poor sleep quality. After which your metabolic functions lower and you have muscle breakdown. All this from lack of eating at night. There are many fixes to this. You can have small meals throughout your day. Shift to a more reasonable weight loss diet. Alternatively, you can have some small healthy meal hours before your bedtime.

Room lighting

As long as there is a light that is exposed to your eyes. It will affect your ability to sleep. Today, there is an ever ending list of these light exposing devices. It may be a wall decor that you have in your bedroom that has lighting effects. Your mobile phone, laptop, television or your neighbor’s security lighting that shines in your bedroom. All this cause your brain to reduce melatonin and interfere with your circadian rhythm. Solve this challenge by switching off all your screens an hour to time. Plus, dim your bedroom lights as you prepare to go to bed to signal your brain that it’s time to sleep.



There is a lot to think and solve as you practice adulating in our current society. This happens when you just lay in your sleep number bed and various thoughts just run through your head. This is a worrying state to be in. Since it can keep you awake for hours as you find solutions to various problems. Yet, they cannot be solved overnight. Avoid being caught up in this cycle by doing some guided meditation for sleep to calm you down. Also, having a positive frame of mind will help you shift the focus to better things. Seek help from a sleep specialist if it does not improve with time. For an active mind can stay awake till morning.

One way to get around this is to be comfortable when you sleep.  For great options check out Dreamy – Bedding.

A snoring partner


Snoring is not only a sign for an underlying sleep condition. It is also a major disruption when it comes to a partner that you sleep with. This causes the inability to sleep well and studies show that you lose close to an hour when you sleep next to a snoring person. This not only affects your sleep quality but it affects your relationship as well in the long run. Discussing this with your partner is a great solution to be able to find ways to improve sleeping conditions. Contrary to moving to a separate room and creating a disconnect with your partner. Seeking medical advice should top your list. However, some home options might work as well. For instance, anti-snoring devices, breathing stripes and antihistamines have proved to be efficient for others.  Its important to get help such as how to stop snoring Australia.


This type of sleep disorder is common among most people. It is the inability to get a satisfactory amount of sleep. It is in two categories. Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. It is common among people between the ages of 15 to 35 years. The condition is repetitive and can happen at least three to four times a week. It is a very potential disorder as more people are prone to it with the ever-changing lifestyles and poor sleep routines. Several treatments can be used including therapy taking prescribed pills. Depending on how your insomnia is advanced. Always seek medical attention when you notice signs of prevalent insomnia to prevent any further sleep disorder that can be provoked by insomnia.

Shift jobs

Sometimes the reason you are unable to sleep is because of your job. Especially if you are working at a shift job. It has a serious effect on disrupting your sleep cycle and productivity at work. Some types of shift jobs are nurses, interns, pilots, watchmen and any other jobs where there is a need to work on either the day or night shift. You can fix this one by accepting it instead of quitting your job. Plus, doing some sleep provoking practices like exercises, napping, and meditation.

In summary, if you are unable to sleep and none of the solutions are of help to you. Consider visiting a sleep educator and learn more about sleep and how you can sleep faster and better. Analyze your lifestyle choices and various routines you follow as well to see the after-effects that they have.