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Qnexa: Fiber is the Real Deal in Appetite Suppression

Qnexa: Fiber is the Real Deal in Appetite SuppressionA panel of medical experts today recommended that the FDA approve the new weight loss drug Qnexa.

Qnexa contains a combo of two drugs, including the controversial phentermine – an appetite suppressant.

Problem is: overweight people don’t overeat because they’re over-hungry.

Appetite suppression might be one trick of the trade, but don’t count on it to cut our sky-rocketing obesity rates anytime soon.

If you do want appetite suppression – why not look to foods that actually fill you up? High fiber foods – such as those found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes – take longer to digest than their lower-fiber counterparts.

Longer time to digestion means more time in your tummy.

Fiber from foods: keepin’ you full – with side-effect-free satiety.

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