Pros and cons of wearing thong panties

Thongs come in different shapes and sizes for all women, and it is a matter of personal choice if you decide to put on a thong. Now if you do decide you want to wear one, here are a few Pros and Cons of putting on one.


1. Comfy

A lot of ladies say they feel quite comfy when they wear thong panties, especially if when wear sporting clothes, like yoga pants, short shorts, dresses, or trousers. With a thong, you get to free and comfy at the same time, choose the right material and proper type and you’re set.

2. Remove panty lines

A lot of ladies have said they favor panties that do not have any visible panty lines, and this is why they prefer things. You can sport that Jean, or shorts with a thong with and be sure that you have no lines showing behind. This is probably only possible if you don’t wear panties or if you are wearing a thong.

3. The sexy feeling

Thongs give women that sexy factor. The self-confidence that emanates from putting on a thong translates to the wearer feeling incredibly sexy. This particular type of underclothing is naughty and something about it gives whoever wears it an air of rebellion. This is one of the whys and wherefores ladies wear thongs, and why I personally recommend it.

4. Highlights the hips

A thong may draw attention to a lady’s hip cleavage, this occurs at the top from the front of the leg as she bends over, sits, or kneels. This idea may easily be also used in “Sensuality Variable,” but I believe it merits its own discussion


1. Not so comfy

Thongs can feel awkward at times. Women who simply cannot afford to find the appropriate thong feel awkward, and when they are supposed to be experiencing that slightly present feeling, they end up feeling worse. “So, why would ladies wear thongs?” asks the woman mostly on the disadvantage side of the thong issue. It’s really inconvenient!”

2. Concern about your health

Often thongs are produced of a less absorbent cloth, which absorbs moisture and raises the risk of bacteria overload, which can cause infection. It’s just one of the adverse disadvantages of wearing a thong because it’s literally a really close-fitting garment, resting against your private bits, collecting any drop of regular and perfectly regular vaginal fluid.

3. Periods

There’s practically no space for a sanitary-pad or any women’s product while you’re sporting a thong. Tampons, too, can be problematic. Expect little luck if you want to put on a sanitary-pad or any women’s health products in a thong on your cycle. Sporting a thong has a number of noticeable benefits, but it also has certain drawbacks. Personal taste is important, but if you want to feel beautiful or show off your hip cleavage.

In conclusion, though they are various Pros and cons, this shouldn’t discourage you from exploring and trying it out for yourself, I’m sure you will come to a decision on what bests suit you.