Progresso High Fiber Soup

Progresso High Fiber SoupProgresso has launched a line of high fiber soup. Each one-cup serving has 7 grams of fiber, so a 16 oz can of soup has 14 grams of fiber, approximately half of your daily fiber needs. There are four high fiber soup flavors:

  • Creamy Tomato Basil
  • Hearty Vegetable & Noodle
  • Chicken Tuscany
  • Homestyle Minestrone

Three of the four flavors do have some fiber from beans (great northern, garbanzo & kidney beans), but the majority of fiber in these soups comes from corn fiber, an added isolated fiber, which has not been shown to be as effective at lowering cholesterol as intact fiber. And in order to get that 14 grams of fiber from a can of soup, you do have to suck down 1200-1400 mg of sodium per can (more than half the daily recommended salt intake).

While not as convenient, a healthier, lower-sodium (and cheaper) option is to make your own soup, using dried or canned peas or beans or lentils as the primary source of fiber. Try this lentil soup recipe from Cooking Light, which gets you 20 grams of fiber per serving with about half of the salt of the canned Progresso fiber soups.

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