Post Wheat ‘n Bran Shredded Wheat – America’s Weetabix?

If you have traveled or lived anywhere with a British influence, you’ve no doubt come into contact with Weetabix Cereal. It’s a simple, straightforward whole wheat cereal, and only recently available – but not that well-received – in US grocery stores.

Here at home, Post Cereals now offers a very similar product, Post Wheat ‘n Bran Shredded Wheat. If you don’t like a lot of salt or sugar in your cereal, you’ll love this product.

It’s an unadulterated whole wheat loving dietitian’s dream. Why? Because the ingredient list consist of:

  • Whole Grain Wheat
  • Wheat Bran

That’s it. 200 calories and 8 grams of fiber per 1 1/4 cup serving. No added sugar. No added salt. And more impressively – no added functional fibers.

Tastes just like Wetabix…just doesn’t cost as much.

While the taste might be a little bland for some palates – it’s nothing a topping of fresh fruit can’t take care of.

So, if you’re looking for a great whole wheat cereal with no doctoring needed, then meet your new breakfast!