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Poplets: Perfect Kernel Crunch

Poplets: Perfect Kernel CrunchYour dentist probably won’t like them, but if you crave crunch, then you’ll love Poplets.

As someone who has lost a tooth crunching under-popped corn kernels, I can assure you that these Poplets truly are “crunch perfected”.

According to their packaging, Poplets are “toasted corn centers” that use a “patent pending process to produce a perfect crunch”.

These guys are gluten-free and made from non-GMO kernels (which is impressive considering almost 90% of corn in the US is genetically modified).

I recently sampled the Sea Salt & Butter version – and as a popcorn purist – was pleasantly surprised.

Their flavor is mild, and not overly salty (at 190 mg sodium per serving on my package, although the product’s nutrition info online has a higher sodium content, among other things). The best part though, had to be the crunch, and every nugget was perfectly crispy.

Poplets come packing 3 grams of fiber in a 110 calorie serving. And this is no measly 110 calorie serving – working out to a pretty decent-sized handful of corn kernels that really is a satisfying snacking experience.

Poplets are picking up steam elsewhere, and they were recently named on SHAPE Magazine’s “The Best Healthy Snacks” list.

I found Poplets at a University bookstore in San Diego, but you can purchase online at their company store or locate retailers near you with their store finder.

While air popped kernels are still your best bet the popcornosphere, in a pinch or on the go, these Poplets are a pretty perfect alternative!

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