Phaleria Macrocarpa and its Benefits

PhaleriaMacrocarpa is also called MahkotaDewa, or the God’s crown fruit. There are several other names for it, but these three seem to be the most common ones. They range from small to medium in size and have an oblong shape. The skin is semi smooth, but there are grooves all along the length. Inside, there’s water, fibrous, white flesh. Not many people may know about this fruit outside of its indigenous region, so it’s important to know that its seeds are poisonous and not fit for consumption. Plus, Phaleriamacrocarpa is not intended to be eaten raw. After cooking and processing, its flavor is slightly sweet.

While it’s always interesting to know more about the thousands of fruit varieties all over the world, Phaleriamacrocarpa is especially essential for its many health benefits. It’s used in many cuisines around the globe and is regarded as an ingredient that helps with healing due to its high levels of antioxidants.

The benefits and advantages don’t stop here, though. Below are some more reasons why we should brush up on our knowledge of Phaleriamacrocarpa and its upsides:

1. High Nutritional Value

High Nutritional Value

The Phaleriamacrocarpa fruit has several ingredients with a potential for healing. These include saponins, alkaloids, polyphenol compounds, and antihistamines.

One of the ways to get the full benefit of this fruit is to prepare it in the correct manner. It’s available in dried form for mixing in tea, coffee, and other hot drinks. Some might chase to shred or even boil the fruit for easy consumption.

Among the most popular methods is to cut slices of the pulp, dry it in the sun, and add the slices to a pot of boiling water. This will cook the fruit. After that, use a strainer or cheesecloth to strain the mixture and consume the liquid.

2. Might Help to Fight Cancer

Might Help to Fight Cancer

The antioxidants present in Phaleriamacrocarpa serve a lot of cushions. However, the most intriguing benefits yet might be the fighting chance we get against cancer.

With the right components in this fruit, our bodies might be able to get what they need to stem the growth and spread of cancer cells. What’s more, the benefits could include preventing such a condition in the first place.

One of the most common and frightening cancers we face is breast cancer. Fortunately, it seems like Phaleriamacrocarpa has the potential to help women fight against these debilitating diseases.

While more studies are required on the subject, it does seem like this fruit can be of great help to people fighting against several types of cancers. If these findings are successful and positive, we might be able to get a relatively cheaper and more natural alternative to cancer medication sometime in the future.

3. Helping to Balance Hormones

Helping to Balance Hormones

Hormone imbalances are among the most common cases of infertility in women all around the world. These imbalances could cause health issues like diabetes, PCOS, and other conditions.

With the use of Phaleriamacrocarpa as a medicinal plant, we can get a lot of compounds that lead to various bioactivities within our internal systems. Most of these activities are linked to pathological conditions of women.

Different studies show us how an extract of the Phaleriamacrocarpa can help to manage conditions caused by hormonal imbalances and even improve them in some cases. The result might be a more regular menstrual cycle, PMS symptoms, primary dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, etc. The bioactivity of this extract included anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-angiogenic, and antioxidant processes. When this activity works as intended on cancer cells (especially those in the cervix and the breasts), there might be a regular progression of cancer cells. This means that the use of Phaleriamacrocarpa extract shows a lot of promise in being developed and released as one cancer treatment option. That use might be single treatment or part of an adjunct therapy.

4. Treating Other Ailments


The potential to treat cancer is a pretty impressive deal, but that’s not all we can expect from Phaleriamacrocarpa. There’s a reason why this fruit was such an essential medical plant in traditional medicinal practices based in Indonesia and Malaysia.

While the ailments that this fruit was said to treat does include cancer, there are also other illnesses that might help form an intake of Phaleriamacrocarpa. These include blood disease, skin diseases, a reduced level of bad cholesterol, kidney disorders, acne, high blood pressure, rheumatism, heart disease, and so on.

5. Different Roles of Different Parts

Phaleriamacrocarpa seedlings

When we think of the Phaleriamacrocarpa fruit, we may not consider the other aspects of its life. Some people might want to reduce their blood sugar and cholesterol levels, but that’s not true for all of us.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that there are four main parts to any place. We have the stem, the leaves, the casing of the seed, and the roots of the plant.

Historically, the leaves have been good for staving off bone cancer, improving impotence, fighting off blood diseases. Along with that, we’d also be able to use this fruit for the sake of improving many health conditions.


The Phaleriamacrocarpa is available in all seasons, while its tree is an evergreen species. This is good news for those who want to enhance their health naturally, as they’d be more certain of getting fresh Phaleriamacrocarpa whenever they want it. While the fruit might be indigenous to Indonesia, it’s a fairly easy and common choice in personal home gardens. You can utilize your Phaleriamacrocarpa as a source of traditional medicine and enjoy its aesthetic as a decorative plant at the same time.