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Oz in Hot Water Over Arsenic in Apple Juice Claims

Oz in Hot Water Over Arsenic in Apple Juice ClaimsApples are back in the news. Dr. Oz made headlines last week when he claimed on The Dr. Oz Show that his independent testing of some well-known brands of apple juice confirm the presence of harmful levels of arsenic. The story generated much interest among parents groups, public health institutions and the general media.

Apparently even the ever-overburdened FDA was paying attention – and now they’re fighting back. In two letters sent to the producers of The Dr. Oz Show, the FDA strongly reprimanded the sensationalist doctor for inciting unnecessary concerns about the safety of apple juice.

The issue at hand? Oz measured total arsenic – which doesn’t delineate between the harmless organic types of arsenic and the types of inorganic arsenic which are toxic. By failing to differentiate between inorganic vs. organic arsenic in his testing, the FDA maintains that, “These results cannot be used to determine whether there is an unsafe amount of arsenic in the juice tested by the Dr. Oz Show.”

So is apple juice really harmful? According to the FDA’s Q&A page about Apple Juice & Arsenic, don’t worry, drink up. But, according to most sage nutrition advice – why not just opt for the whole apple?

A cup of apple juice has 110 calories, 24 grams of sugar and less than 1 gram of fiber. Eating a whole medium-sized apple nets only 80 calories, less than 20 grams of sugar and an impressive 4.5 grams of fiber – proving once again, that it’s better to eat your fruit, not drink it!

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