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Oh, You’re Fat? Blame the Economy!

Oh, You’re Fat? Blame the Economy!In a paper recently published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the authors suggest that rises in unemployment lead to dips in fruit and vegetable intake and increases in consumption of unhealthy foods like snack items and fast food.

The research is based on data from the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, “the world’s largest ongoing telephone health survey system.” The BRFSS interviews 350,000 Americans each year and the researchers compared responses within and among communities of differing rates of unemployment.

Results indicate that since December 2007, the national unemployment rate went from 5% to 10% while in that same period, the frequency of fruit and vegetable intake declined between 10% and 20%.

So, if unemployment has got you down – don’t let the economy take your diet down with it!

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