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Novel Fiber Growth Set to Grow by 750% in Coming Years

Interest in fiber is on the rise…as evidenced by more than the fact that you are reading a fiber blog!

In their new report Fiber Food Ingredients in the US: Soluble-, Insoluble- and Digestive-Resistant Types market research firm Packaged Fact predicts that novel fibers – which maintained a 5% market share in 2004 – will make up 39% by 2014.

In the US, the soluble fiber market is expected to experience the most growth. According to Nutra‘s review of the same report:

  • The fiber market in the US was worth $193 million in 2004
  • $176 million (91%) of that was from insoluble fiber and $16.6 million (9%) was from soluble
  • The report authors predict growth in the US to surpass $470 million by 2011 (a 240% increase in just 7 years)
  • The soluble fiber portion of the market is expected to increase significantly compared to insoluble fiber

Fiber Industry Growth

Other industry watch-dogs predict continued growth and interest in fiber, with an increase in novel fibers expected to lead the way. Novel fibers include soluble fibers like inulin, fructooligosaccharides (FOS), galactooligosaccharides (GOS), soluble corn fiber and other resistant fibers like resistant maltodextrin – all of which are increasingly being added to processed foods, and some of which lead to unpleasant GI side effects, as covered in a previous post.

While the rise in interest in dietary fiber is promising, the focus on added fibers in processed and packaged foods at the expense of ignoring naturally-occurring sources leaves room for concern.

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