MOJO: Where Salty Meets Sweet

MOJO: Where Salty Meets SweetWhen it comes to snacking, salt comes to mind. The problem with the packaged and processed chip set tends to be sodium. If you’re cutting back and thinking bars for a snack, most bars fall flat with too much added sugar.

But when the snack attack set in – salty or sweet, which direction do you go? Why not both? Cue the Mojo Clif Bar!

Mojo Clif Bars strike a pretty excellent balance between a salty and sweet snack, all wrapped up in a convenient and tasty little bar. Billed as a Trail Mix Bar, Clif says, “Mojo is all about different flavors and textures to satisfy your sweet (and salty) tooth.”

Thanks to some samples provided by the fabulous Clif Bar dietitian Tara Dellolacono Thies, I recently test drove the Clif Mojo Mountain Mix flavor. And let me say, it did not disappoint!

Now, to be straight – Mojo bars are not for the faint of heart. This is no flimsy little crackerboard that’s gonna leave you feeling hungry later like other granola bars do!

For 190 calories, the Mountain Mix Mojo packs 9 grams of mostly good fat, 2 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein. Fat, fiber and protein – the perfect combination to promote satiety, that feeling of fullness that keeps you going throughout the day.

If I had to pick one area for improvement, it’s the leading ingredient: sugar. As a dietitian, as much as I love Clif Bars, it does bum me out when their lead-in ingredient is sugar. In this case, the sugar is dressed up as Organic Brown Rice Syrup – but as we say, sugar is sugar is sugar.

Despite the added sugar setback, the Mojo’s magical flavor and texture combination of fruit, nuts, seeds – and a few chocolate chips – still makes for a truly sensational snacking experience. These bars are a great go-to for that hard to please palate!

If you don’t see Mojo stocked where you buy Clif Bars near you, get yourself some from the Clif Bar Store…and let that Mojo start moving your snacking selection!

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