Missing out something in a yoga/spa studio? Install Full Length Mirror

Have you ever thought, what’s the whole point of installing full-length mirrors in a yoga class or spa? There are several explanations of why many Yoga studios and fitness spas may choose to have them. Although each one has their own reasons to back their choice, which is an entirely subjective matter, what is essential here is to understand the correct way of using these mirrors at the time of practicing yoga?

How full-length mirrors fulfil the gap in an incomplete yoga studio?

How full-length mirrors fulfil the gap in an incomplete yoga studio

One of the fundamental reasons behind installing the mirrors in a Yoga centre is to enable a yoga teacher to have an unobstructed view from various angles of the entire room. It means the class functions under the strict guidance of trainers, and posture mistakes can be caught quickly and fixed in time. The mirrors are also helpful to the participants, as they can see their postures clearly while practicing— errors committed, if any, will come to their notice much sooner.

For instance, when the Yoga instructor says something like “come in a cat pose and curve the back inside while looking upwards,” participants can explicitly look at their image in the mirror and review to ensure they are doing it right. It’s also rewarding to see improvement and note that your back is getting more agile and you will improve day by day. These are some of the best ways you can make use of a full-length mirror in a Yoga class.

Having said that, for a few amongst us, having mirrors in a Yoga studio might prove to be a bit of a challenge (if we let them come our way), especially during training sessions. When you don’t feel good about yourself or your morale is down, dark thoughts often sneak out in front of mirrors. Constantly ridiculing oneself, criticizing your performance, keeping negative feelings about one’s physicality or continually comparing oneself to others in the reflection are all inappropriate ways to use the mirrors in the room. Yet, at some stage, we all have been guilty of doing so. Here are a few tips for dealing with such gloomy emotions:

Check yourself— Albeit, in a positive way

Check yourself— Albeit, in a positive way

Use the mirrors extensively to monitor your progress and fix your yoga poses. Instead of saying something like “I can’t stretch my leg as far as everyone else does,” think “I’ve come so far, and at this moment, it feels like an accomplishment.”

Find your focus

Rather than continually gazing at parts of your body, you’re not pleased with, focus whenever possible on staring into your eyes in the full-length mirror reflection. It will help you concentrate, find your locus and achieve a clearer and positive image so, you can choose which one would suit your full length mirror style best. https://www.fabglassandmirror.com/full-length-mirrors

Send love and appreciation. 

Send love and appreciation

You might never have seen this way, but your image is YOU. So, during yoga training, make it a habit of directing some love and appreciation towards one-self through your reflection in the mirror. You could make use of certain powerful mantras to repeat with every posture or simply recite positive affirmations, and they will gradually become your reality.

What perks do full-length mirrors provide when doing yoga/spa?

What perks do full-length mirrors provide when doing yoga spa

People are getting increasingly health-conscious nowadays, and for many, Yoga is now a way of life— be it a sudden glimpse at oneself during the long and quiet asana session or a test to analyse where they stand, regardless of their training style or fitness level, everyone benefits in one way or another from having a mirror in a yoga class or spa sitting.

For this very reason, studying the most efficient places to position mirrors in a yoga room design is very relevant. Here are a few insights and perks of installing a full-length mirror in a spa or yoga studio.

Broadly speaking, two primary reasons make mirrors absolutely essential in a wellness centre.

  • Practicality
  • Aesthetics

Practical use 

Practical use

In practical terms, mirrors make a yoga studio room look much safer to practice. Training zones are a great place to install mirrors, while practicing asana or taking spa, people can closely monitor their posture.



The stylistic reason for which a spa or a yoga studio has mirrors is that they can help make a room look more spacious than what it really is. Through reflection, full-length Mirrors can also help make the most out of the natural light that comes in.

Is it financially viable to install full-length mirrors?

Is it financially viable to install full-length mirrors

The HD quality full length mirrors might be a little expensive than the standard glass options, but they have a more precise reflection. Further, these are non-fogging, distortion-free and create no ghost impressions. The Full-length Mirrors installed in Yoga studios are also totally shatter-proof to avoid damage to the user and reduce liability.

A 2′ x 6′ standard wall mirror can cost in the range of USD 250 – USD 350, depending upon the material quality. The extraordinarily large size in the dimensions of 10′ x 10′ could leave you pocket lighter by anywhere between USD 3000 – USD 4500.