Migraines: Simple Steps to Head Off the Pain

Sometimes we take our health for granted as we make our way through everyday life. With so much going on in the world, we forget that just waking up feeling fine is truly a gift. Everything changes when you have a chronic health condition that results in a diminished quality of life and frequent pain. When you have recurring health problems you are often robbed of the joy in life, and even on your ‘good’ days you never know if the problems will be back.

While there are many recurring issues that can affect your quality of life, migraines are known to be quite severe. This headache, which typically occurs primarily on a single side of the head, can literally bring you to your knees. Some sufferers have migraines that may be accompanied by vomiting and extreme sensitivity to both light and sound. While the exact cause of these headaches is not entirely known, those who experience them know they have to take proactive and immediate steps if they want to avoid the intense pain. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take if you have these headaches frequently.

Keep a Headache Diary

It is thought that migraines may be triggered by anything from specific foods like cured meats or MSG, alcohol and times of high stress. Poor or irregular sleeping patterns, or even stopping a normal exercise routine might also bring on head pain. By keeping a diary, you can try to pinpoint what brings on the migraines and make the life changes to keep the headaches at bay.

Seek Compassionate Care

If you are looking for help for migraines, it helps to seek compassionate care from professionals who can create a customized, holistic treatment plan. They can evaluate what might be causing your headaches and work with you to implement protocols that might decrease migraine occurrence and intensity. They can also teach you to identify the early warning signs so you can take appropriate action before full onset.

Eat Healthy, Regular Meals

When you suffer from recurring migraines, it’s a good idea to be consistent about the times when you eat each day. You should avoid skipping meals because the headaches may increase when you fast. Although individual results may vary, some have reported fewer occurrences if they also eliminate chocolate, caffeine or aged cheese from their diets.

Use Temperature Therapy

Some people find that temperature therapy may help during a migraine. It’s best to try hot or cold therapies, and see what works for you. You can apply a well-wrapped ice pack to your head and see if that lessens the symptoms and pain. Alternatively, you could use a heating pad or the soothing hot water of a shower in an effort to reduce your severe discomfort.

Reduce Your Stress

Stress can have an intense effect on our health and how we make it through life. With migraines, it’s important to come up with healthy ways to reduce stress. You might try guided meditations or calming music with the sound of nature intermixed. Spending time in a peaceful setting outdoors can also help restore your rhythm and bring you to a peaceful place.

Migraines can be totally paralyzing – affecting all areas of a person’s life. We hope the tips above help you to lead a life pain free.