Mechanisms for purifying drinking water before consumption

All of us cannot harp on the fact on how important is water for living creatures and human beings alike. Because of this universal solvent life on this planet sustains. Nearly 70% of earth is incorporated with water but a major portion is not deemed fit for human consumption.

Drinking water needs to be part and parcel of your daily routine. Your health quality depends upon the overall quality of water you drink. For individuals who do not require the prescribed levels of water they face issues of dehydration, fatigue or kidney stones to spell out a few.

Why purification of water is important?

Of late you might have noticed that a lot of emphasis is being paid on the consumption of pure drinking water. All over the internet and even in print or visual media their importance has generated a lot of attention.

The idea is not to consume every portion of water that comes on your way. The source is really important as it spells out the quality of water. For this reason, a suggestion would to install a water purifier, as you can access safe drinking water in your home. The tap water that makes way on to our homes is not fit for human consumption.

Yes, this is a basic fact. In a country like India, a trend that is alarming is that millions of people succumb to water borne diseases. There is also a definite lack of proper planning and even treatment of drinking water which leads us to a single choice, which is to use water purification system at our homes or commercial hubs.

A glance at the look of water might make you feel it is clean, but it can be a hidden source of impurities. Because of these reasons it is suggested that you drink purified drinking water. Apart from water purification, there are other ways of drinking purified water such as-


This ceases to be the easiest and simplest method to adopt for water purification. In case if you are using tap water at your home, do not forget to boil it at high temperature. This is going to eradicate all the impurities or bacteria that are present in water. An important advice does not forget to cool the water before you are gulping it down.


To drink water, you can opt for liquid chlorination. You should always keep in mind that for drinking water treatment, the right amount of chlorination has to be used. In no way it should go on to exceed the amount of water that is being treated. Though a major loophole of this method is that it is going to have a bitter taste and even possibility of giving out a strange smell exists.


Once again, one of the best methods for drinking purified drinking water. The physical along with chemical properties in water are removed making water safe to be fit for human consumption. The filtration helps to remove dangerous contaminants and compounds that are present in drinking water. This could go on to have a major impact on human health. We recommend you visit the following link to avail of a high-quality zip filter tap.


At a traditional level this method would evolve heating the water at a low boiling point and as water vaporizes collecting the water in pure form. You connect the vapour on to a condenser, and the water is fit to be used for human purposes. This may seem to be an authentic process but on the flip side this would be a slow method of filtration. The germs along with bacteria are treated but it works out to be a costly method.

Water purifier

Perhaps the most popular method among the lot as all of us is aware of the benefits of it. In each and every household, water purifiers are a must. In relying on the use of the right water purifier for your home, it can have considerable impact on your health. Though there are a host of water purifiers in the market, a better suggestion would be to opt for RO water purifiers as they seem to be the best ones in the market. You can find every brand and every type of water purifier online in India.

Clay vessels filtration

This is a method popular in India and in some countries of the world. The use of clay vessels are for boiling and even for storing water. You can rely on the use of a container for storing muddy water. To bring out the purity in water clay vessels are an effective option.

Water purification tablets

The tablets that are used for water purification are incorporated from iodine or chlorine dioxide. They go on to kill bacteria and various microorganisms that are present in water. You just need to leave the tablets in water for 30 minutes as it will purify. A trend to witness is that these tablets can go on to provide an unpleasant taste and odour to the water. In addition to this they are not a great deal successful in removal of chemical compounds that are present in water. Once again this is not a popular method of purifying water in a 100 % form.


This method goes on to remove virus and bacteria that are present in water. This is a very strong method and a lot more powerful than the process of filtration. There is no major reason to be excited water purifier from iodine can go on to leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth.


From the above list of methods, some of them may seem to be obsolete and not practical. But still for the sake of information they have been included. In fact, they could even be used in situations where you do not figure out any other options. In case, you have access to a modern day water purifier, there is no worry at all.