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McDonald’s New Happy Meals – Any Healthier?

McDonald’s New Happy Meals – Any Healthier?McDonald’s rolls out their new healthier Happy Meals today. The skinny-sized Happy Meals will come now standard with apple slices, a smaller french fry serving and less calories:

  • French fry serving is down to 1.1 ounces from 2.4 ounces for a total of 100 french fry calories
  • Apple dippers drop from 3.1 to 1.2 ounces and now contain no added sugars or dipping sauces
  • 20% reduction in calories per Happy Meal, equating to about 600 calories per meal

There’s no net boost in fiber in these revised meals. According to McDonald’s own nutrition information publications, even the original 3.1 ounce size of apple slices was so small it contained “0″ grams of dietary fiber! If you actually eat a whole, medium-sized apple with skin, you would get 4.4 grams of dietary fiber.

Why the push to improve processed kiddie food?

The happier Happy Meals are certainly a move in the right direction. Now let’s get to work on what the parents are ordering!

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