Looking For A Way To Cure Depression?

There are abundant Extra resources about depression on the internet. Pick your phone and google depression and you will have tonnes of information at your bay in a couple of seconds!

Don’t you just love the internet? Made life so much easier…

But like my basketball coach in college used to say, everything in life is flawed, he illustrates it further by saying if there is an invention or a thing that has advantages if when stacked together goes from the earth to the moon, it will also have a disadvantage and if the disadvantage is not managed appropriately, it might just exterminate all of the advantages.

While the internet has made it easier to access resources on almost every subject matter, the fatal flaw is there is all tonnes of information on the internet and it might be difficult to discern which is true or false.

In this article I will walk you through NSI 189, a nootropic drug for treating depression.

NSI 189 is a formulation that is still undergoing clinical studies for its potential to work as an antidepressant.  This drug is being proposed as a replacement for conventional antidepressant medications which some individuals may not respond positively too.

This nootropic is undergoing research by Neuralstem, a registered biotechnology company in israel.  Results from the research conducted so far shows that this drug works by stimulating the growth of new brain cells and nerve cells through a process called neurogenesis which in turn affects the hippocampus, the part responsible for learning, memory, and emotion. Scientists believe the compound has the potential to treat various neurological and nerve conditions.

While the NSI 189 is still yet to be approved by the FDA if you will however use this drug maybe based on the recommendation of a friend who had a desired experience, it is recommended that you only take the lowest possible dose to avoid the risky side effects.

The possible side effects of this compound include nausea, fatigue, heart palpitations, headache, increased anxiety, visual perception changes, loss of memory, dissociation, decreased appetite, increased heart rate, delirium, and a drop in blood sugar.

The lack of approval from the FDA coupled with lack of long term studies of this formulation, it is difficult to conclude on its long term effects and safety.

This is why one is highly advised against using this drug while breastfeeding or during pregnancy. It is also not advisable to take the compound if an individual is taking a prescription medication for the treatment of depression, neuropathy, or if they have low blood sugar. If you however, need to use this compound, talk to your physician to ensure some level of safety.

In conclusion

Evidence from the research conducted this compound opined that it is a relatively safe drug but the host of possible side effects that have been experienced both by those who have used the drug as a supplement makes this claim questionable. However an approval by the FDA will go a long in reinforcing the safety of this drug.