Kriya Yoga in Daily Life – What Does it Look Like To Follow Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga beginners often wonder how to incorporate kriya yoga in daily life. If you’re not sure what Kriya Yoga practice looks like, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of Kriya Yoga meditation, and a number of other concepts related to living out the principles of Kriya Y oga in daily life.

What is Kriya Yoga? Understanding the Basics

First, let’s begin by defining Kriya Yoga. There are two components to this definition.

  • Kriya – Kriya simply means “action.” This Sanskrit word is also often translated as “deed” or “effort.” It’s used within this discipline of yoga to mean a technique or a practice designed to achieve a specific result.

  • Yoga – According to Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian, yoga as a concept, entails the conscious union of the body, mind, soul, and spirit. In essence, it means that we are one with the infinite, and are connected to everything else in the world.

Together, then, Kriya Yoga means that we are taking actions that contribute to our realization of innate wholeness and connectedness.

It’s the practice of taking daily steps that help us realize ourselves, and realize an understanding of God – it allows us to step into the greater Life, and see ourselves as expressions of divine reality.

What Components Make Up Kriya Yoga Practice?

The above definition may seem a little bit difficult to understand, so let’s discuss the specific steps and actions that often compose Kriya Yoga practice.

  1. Meditation and experience the essence of being

  2. Contemplation of the nature of reality

  3. Reflection on living with wisdom and compassion

  4. Exploration & engagement with spiritual practices

By meditating on the essence of the Self, contemplating the nature of reality, reflecting and living in a way that’s in accordance with dharma, and exploring and engaging with various spiritual practices, we can peel back the layers that separate us from spiritual wholeness and oneness – which is the goal of Kriya Yoga.

What Would a Kriya Yoga Practice Look Like in Day-To-Day Life?

What Would a Kriya Yoga Practice Look Like in Day-To-Day Life

It’s important to note that Kriya Yoga practice often looks different for everyone. It is not a dogma, and there are many ways to achieve Self-realization, and reveal the innate truth of our being.

However, we can still provide some examples of what it may look like to live a life according to the principles of Kriya Yoga, as outlined above. Let’s get started.

  1. Meditation and experience the essence of being – Meditation is traditionally associated with most forms of yoga, and Kriya Yoga is no different. Meditation is simply the practice of obtaining mental clarity and focus, and should be incorporated into any Kriya Yoga practice.

  1. Contemplation of the nature of reality – The nature of reality is apparent in all things. Contemplating the nature of reality can involve something as deep as reading a philosophical text, or as simple as enjoying the feeling of grass beneath your toes in a park.

  1. Reflection on living with wisdom and compassion – This step can involve reflecting on yourself and your past actions. Are you living in a way that is in accordance with Vedic principles? Can you show more compassion and wisdom in your life? Where can you improve?

  1. Exploration & engagement with spiritual practices – This may involve digging more deeply into the concepts of Kriya Yoga based on Yogacharya O’Brians’ teachings, or exploring other spiritual practices and learning concepts and ideas that you can incorporate into your own Kriya Yoga practice.

Every person will live out Kriya Yoga in daily life differently. Learning how to incorporate these steps into your life is one of the most important concepts that Kriya Yoga beginners can learn – but they vary for everyone, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Begin your Kriya Yoga practice, and start taking actions toward the realization of your Self. Thanks for reading, and good luck with your Kriya Yoga journey!