Kellogg’s Fiber Tracker Falls Short

Kellogg’s Fiber Tracker Falls ShortKellogg’s has released their Kellogg’s Fiber Tracker app with Android, iPhone/iPad and desktop versions. It’s a free download with a food search, recipe feature and shopping list function.

The layout is similar to other food tracking apps and is relatively simple to use, provided you’re only looking for Kellogg’s products. The product’s database is limited, as understandably Kellogg’s wouldn’t want to acknowledge you eating Fiber One, Kashi or other non-Kellogg’s packaged fiber containing foods.

If you’re looking for a more robust nutrition tracker with a seriously tricked out food database, check out the free or $3.99 pro version of the MyNetDiary app, click for iphone or Android. This app tracks food intake, activity and a whole host of nutrients, including dietary fiber…but it’s for all foods, even those that aren’t Kellogg’s.

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