Keeping Your Eyes Healthy is Vital, and do Polarised Lenses Really Make a Difference?

Sunlight is usually reflected and absorbed in several directions and this can cause eye injuries if you don’t have proper eye protection.

Sunlight reflected horizontally from land, water and cars is common in the way we all live today and this light that is reflected back horizontally, producing a strong glare.This causes interference with vision on land and water.

Normal sunglasses are known to provide basic protection against both vertical and horizontal ultraviolet rays. However, the sunglasses do not diminish the glare from the horizontal rays that are reflected.

Polarized have a built-in laminated filter to permit only vertical rays of light to pass through and blocks horizontal rays, eliminating glares. This is usually seen during fishing or boating as you’ll suddenly be able to see through surfaces.

Normally, you would see reflections from the sky and sun.Polarized sunglasses are related to sunglasses. However, ordinary prescription glasses can also have polarized lenses.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Polarized Lenses


A pair of sunglasses of high quality include a polarized lens, but in saying that you can also have a cheap pair of sunglasses frames that you can replace the current lenses and make them polarised. There are several online companies that can provide this service for you.  Polarized lenses increase visual comfort, diminishes glare and reflection, enhances clarity of contrast and vision, faithfully conveys colors and reduces eye strain.


Polarized lenses makes it hard to view LCD screens. This is because of the effect they create on images, making them disappear on screens at some angle. Heavy machine users and pilots are usually discouraged and disallowed from using polarized lenses. This is attributed to the difficulty of operating machines when wearing polarized lenses.

Polarized lenses are recommended for skiing. However, they might compromise contrast in some lighting conditions, making it hard to distinguish between snow, ice patches and moguls. They are more costly than a regular lens.

The additional expense is worthy for individuals who require polarized lenses. However, it becomes an additional expenditure for those who just need regular sunglasses.

Do Polarized lenses Provide protection against Ultraviolet Rays?

They provide protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Keep in mind that they offer different but not increased protection from the ultraviolet rays.Depending on your use for sunglasses, polarized lenses offer no noticeable improvement over normal standard glasses.

Not all lens models protect against ultraviolet rays. Before buying sunglasses, verify the level of ultraviolet ray protection they offer. This is usually marked on the right side of the lenses.

Do Your Eyes Need Polarisation Protection?

The best way to know if you need special lenses is consulting your eye physician during an eye exam. If you are having issues with your current sunglasses and feel that you need polarized lenses, visit an eye doctor.

Every eye case is different and your doctor can determine if you stand to benefit from polarized lenses. If you are into boating, start using polarized glasses on the water. However, if you just want an increased eye protection from ultraviolet rays, consider using dark lenses.


Leading manufacturers of glasses offer a variety of glass models with polarized coatings. Therefore, whenever the sun casts its rays into your eyes, reach out for your polarized lenses.