Keeping a Healthy Mind and Body During The Pandemic

Staying healthy, both physically and mentally, is something that people all over the world desire. Finding the right balance between work and relaxation can be difficult for most people, and those who work long hours are often restricted in how and when they can visit their local gym or at least partake in some regular exercise.

A healthy diet is just as important as regular exercise, so those who are looking to get and stay healthy will need to watch what they eat. Some people take their diet very seriously, and only eat very specific types and brands of food.

The Coronavirus outbreak

At the end of 2019, the main story on news outlets all over the world was of a virus in China that was unlike any other, and was causing a lot of people to get sick, and many thousands to die. By the start of 2020, the coronavirus has spread across most of the world, and life for literally everyone on the planet changed.

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns that were put in place in cities throughout the world were unprecedented, and the daily lives of millions upon millions of people was suddenly changed overnight. We are restricted in our movements, and where and with whom we could do.

Many people were forced to stay in their homes, and social distancing rules meant that simple things such as shopping, having a meal out with friends, or visiting the local gym were now all banned. Schools and play parks were closed, which caused a great deal of stress for parents who wear working. Some may have been able to work remotely, while others may have had to continue working, as they may have been classed as being an essential worker.

Staying healthy under lockdown

People all over the world had to deal with these harsh restrictions, and many people were put under intense emotional stress. There was a lot of mental suffering experienced by many who were being forced to stay indoors, and a lot of people had an extremely rough time.

Even trying to exercise was suddenly difficult. Gyms and sport centers were closed down, and there was no word on when they would be able to reopen. Many people had chosen to start jogging or simply walking as a way to take regular exercise, while others decided to start setting up their own home gym.

A number of individuals also started looking at health insurance, in case of any problems arising from Covid-19 and the lockdown. A number of search terms such as Health Insurance Broker Service were being widely searched for online.

The home gym boom

The home gym market literally exploded during 2020, with more and more people purchasing various types of fitness equipment and machines so that they could work out and stay fit while being under lockdown.

The type of home gym setup you could create depended on a number of factors, with the size of your home being the most important. Some people are lucky enough to live in a house with a spare room or empty garage, which they then converted into a home gym. Others weren’t so lucky who lived in a small apartment or studio, and simply had to make do with a pull-up bar over their bedroom door frame.

During the lockdown, a number of fitness equipment companies decided to adopt a new business model, and in addition to selling fitness machines and products, they started hiring them out. This was a very welcomed option for a number of families, who would otherwise have not been able to set up their home gym.

Mental health and the lockdown

Many people around the world suffer from anxiety and depression, and the Covid-19 outbreak simply exasperated this, and caused an even greater deal of suffering. Individuals who needed counselling were unable to go and visit and speak with their doctors and counsellors.

Other people were being forced to keep away from their family and friends. Many younger people were being advised to stay away from their parents, especially if they were in the older generation of individuals, who would be more prone to Covid-19 and it’s range of symptoms.

There were a number of ways in which people could connect and not feel isolated. The internet was of vital importance during the lockdown, and through simple things such as Facebook messenger and Skype, families were able to stay in touch, and people could connect with one another.

Unfortunately for a number of people, the lockdown was simply too much to bear, and sadly, a number of individuals took their own lives, as they saw it as the only way out.

Mental health was something that really suffered during the pandemic, and though things are slowly getting back to normal, there has been a lot of damage done to a large number of people, who will now need a lot of counselling and help.

Some final thoughts

No one knows when things will start getting back to normal. It could be years before things are gradually returned to what we were used to. In the meantime, the only thing we can do is to follow the rules and regulations, and try and stay safe.

As we approach the winter season for many countries, there are fears of an impending second wave, which could lead to the reinstatement of many of the restrictions imposed on cities all over the world during lockdown. No one wants to go through a full lockdown again, as it was a truly unpleasant experience.

However, if things do not improve, and there is no working vaccine created, we may have to start accepting the current situation as the new way of life. The only good thing is that due to what has happened so far in 2020, a lot of people are now much more aware of some of the major health implications that a full lockdown has, and will bring again if they are put in place.

The mental health and wellbeing of the public is one of the most important factors in any future lockdowns or restrictions, and it is hoped that more can be done to help the more vulnerable people of society, and take whatever precautions are necessary to guarantee that they can be given the help and counselling that they do desperately need.