Is Pilates Safe when Pregnant and Good for Post Pregnancy Exercise?

Whether you are carrying a baby or have just had one, often women wonder what exercise is safe and suitable for them to try. Keeping healthy and strong is important both when pregnant and after. There are many options but if you are wondering up whether you can join a Pilates class the best thing to do is first consult a Gynaecologist in Melbourne. Talk to your doctor in case you have any special health issues about whether it is safe and you are fit enough. For many women though Pilates is a great program to join when carrying and after delivery, it can help in several ways. Here is a closer look at how regular Pilates can help during and post-pregnancy.

Eases the common issue of lower back pain

One of the top complaints women have when pregnant is the lower back pain that they suffer with. It happens because of the extra weight and because of growing muscle weakness and instability in the pelvis. Pilates can help with this because it helps improve your posture and it helps strengthen the muscles in your abdomen. Pilates offers precise movements that help stretch, and strengthen important muscles around the spine and stomach. This work not only helps with the lower back pain before birth it also helps to heal after.

Helping to offset the changes happening in your body

When a woman is pregnant they have extra hormones and their body changes. This is especially true in the lower back, abdomen and pelvis. The hormone relaxin helps to makes things more supple so the body can handle the birthing process. During Pilates classes muscles can be worked that help strengthen them so you can reduce discomfort and offset those changes.

Starting a healthy routine

Joining a Pilates class is a great way to get started on a healthy routine that you are then more likely to continue when you have had the baby. Your health, meaning a good diet, and exercise, is good for you and your baby both before and after birth. When you get the all-clear once you consult a Gynaecologist in Melbourne, consider what it brings. Less stress, stronger body and better health.

Helps develop good breathing technique

Pilates is not just a great way to get stronger and fitter. Pilates also looks at developing strong breathing techniques. This is something that can help as during pregnancy women find that expansion happening can compress their diaphragm which can make breathing more laboured. Breathing technique is also important during birth.

Exercises and strengthens your pelvic floor

Your pelvic floor benefits from regular exercise otherwise things like leaking when you sneeze or frequent feelings of urgency can become an issue, especially after having a child. Pilates will help strengthen stomach muscles and your pelvic and core muscles.

Improve your flexibility

As the pregnancy progresses things get harder to do. Bending becomes almost impossible and things like balance and mobility are lost. Some exercises in Pilates can help you keep better posture, reduce the discomfort when trying to do certain things and improve your balance. While it might not completely return you to how you were before pregnancy, it can give you better control and strength.

Be safe

It is important to stay safe whatever exercise you choose to do. Remember to keep yourself hydrated and only do what you is at a level that suits you. Should you at any point feel pain, discomfort or dizziness then stop. You can also consider what activewear you are wearing. Sometimes the right clothing can make all the difference in the support and your performance. Consider things like compression, breath-ability, flexibility and perhaps see what something like ActivewearX can offer.