Incredibly Fantastic Health Benefits of Ayahuasca

For centuries, the native communities of the Amazon have thrived on the potent powers of the ayahuasca. In the earlier days, limitations to herbal rituals and shamanistic ceremonies were prominent. However, today, medical science and the holistic health community are beginning to realize its vast healing potential and spiritual benefits.

The benefits and experience of the ayahuasca brew are primarily guided by shamanistic practices as this plant is not widely studied. This psychotropic potion is famous across religious traditions and healing cultures of the indigenous Amazonian communities. This article will walk you through its various benefits for the mind and body.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Decoding the Ayahuasca Experience

Experts who have studied and experienced this psychotropic concoction reveal that it can stimulate the mind and body with numerous profound effects. This brew is typically created by mixing two plant-based ingredients: the Psychotria Viridis and Banisteriopsis Caapi.

The Psychotria Viridis is responsible for lending this brew it’s psychoactive elements, which allow it to stimulate the brain. In some blends, the indigenous communities replace this shrubby plant with Diplopterys Carbrerana or the Psychotria Carthagensis. In either case, this brew requires plants with leaves that boost rich quantities of the powerful hallucinogen DMT.

And this leads us to an important question: how ayahuasca impacts the brain? Powered with the potent and extraordinarily mind-altering hallucinogen DMT, this brew provides a mild psychedelic experience. It is crucial to note that the ayahuasca does not trigger any psychedelic effects synonymous with substances like LSD.

The brew also includes the Banisteriopsis Cappi, a vine that functions as a Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAOI). The MAO enzyme is a naturally-occurring enzyme within our body, generated in the stomach. This enzyme prevents the DMT from penetrating our bloodstream, thereby reducing the psychedelic experience.

Releasing Repressed Trauma

Known as the plant spirit, ingesting ayahuasca takes us into the mysterious realm of spirituality, heightened wisdom, and oneness with Mother Nature. It triggers a series of dynamic hallucinations, termed as “realms” in Shamanic rituals. Passing through these realms aids people with unresolved trauma release those repressed feelings and achieve higher consciousness. It aids them in letting go of their trauma and reignite their passion and enthusiasm for life.

It proves instrumental in regaining our grip on reality and untying those knots of anxiety and tension that overwhelm us. Ingesting this brew allows us to expand our minds, unravel the mysteries stored deep within our brains, and feel harmony. People attend ayahuasca ceremonies to achieve heightened consciousness and understand their reality.

As with this brew, they can see things existing within the unconscious, the recesses of their brain. Naturally, it acts to facilitates mental release, aiding people suffering from past trauma and shock.

Promoting Digestive Health

Consumption of the ayahuasca brew promotes digestive health and cleansing the gut free of impurities. You see, this brew is capable of eliminating all worms and parasites residing in your digestive tracts.

Ayahuasca boosts harmala alkaloids, which function as potent anti-parasitic agents. These agents are capable of chemically attacking the parasites and worms that penetrate our bodies. Miraculously, ayahuasca has the extraordinary ability to undertake this worm-killing spree without harming the body. So, it has no side-effects whatsoever.

Moreover, this brew is also a powerful remedy to eliminate all bacterial organisms with its potent antimicrobial properties. Therefore, it offers an effective holistic treatment to eliminate yeast infections, E. coli, and Salmonella.

Alleviating the Symptoms of Depression

Aside from its benefits in releasing repressed trauma, ayahuasca is also beneficial for reducing the severity of depression. It’s depression alleviation benefits are quite similar to the effects of commonly prescribed antidepressants. It offers rapid relief and sustains the impact provided by antidepressants, without the awful side effects.

This plant-based concoction works by increasing blood flow received by the paralimbic and frontal areas of the brain. These areas are responsible for control our mood, regulating emotions, and processing our emotional states. These regions of the brain are also associated with motivation and enthusiasm. The consumption of ayahuasca also stimulates our serotonin receptions, enhancing our mood and inducing feelings of happiness and contentment.

Aiding Drug Addiction Treatments

Experts believe that ayahuasca can deliver spiritual and psychological experiences that reduce and eventually eliminate cravings. Its ability to stimulate the brain allows it to aid in substance abuse and drug addiction treatments.

Ayahuasca is a hallucinogen that alters our personality and behavioral traits to bring about anti-addictive benefits. It stimulates biological impacts on targeted brain regions, primarily the amygdala and insula. This stimulation is capable of eliminating the behavior patterns associated with addiction. It is immensely useful in diminishing overpowering cravings, stimulates the brain in creative dimensions.

Aiding in Cancer Treatments

A study conducted by a Brazilian researcher at the University of Sao Paulo reveals that ayahuasca can support cancer treatments. Eduardo Schoenberg, the researcher, indicates that this brew has the potential to boost anti-cancer activity. This potential stems from its active compounds, primarily the harmine and DMT.

These active principles have beneficial effects on specific cell cultures utilized in studying cancer. In terms of biochemical activity, these active principles are significantly crucial in treating cancer. Ayahuasca boosts immunity by increasing white blood cells, which are attacked by cancerous cells. It aids in killing off cancerous cells and curbing the growth by blocking glucose usage in these cells.

However, Schoenberg maintains that it is crucial to study these benefits in more detail with reduced legal limitations and extensive testing.


Ayahuasca boosts various physical benefits that promote healing, primarily its ability to cleanse the body free of impurities. When the body releases all toxins and impurities, it enjoys rejuvenation and increased energy levels. It allows the body to operate with a newfound sense of invigoration and energy. Consuming the ayahuasca is reported to increase energy levels considerably, making the mind and body more efficient.

It allows clarity of senses, gaining greater control over our abilities to perform and feel positive. Ayahuasca aids in gaining freedom from substance abuse and resolving emotional trauma and mental suffering to speed up recovery. It is considered immensely beneficial for people who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)