How Yoga and Massage Therapy Can Help You Recover from a Car Accident?

Every year almost 1.25 million people die because of road crashes. Apart from such a high death toll, 20 to 50 million people face serious injuries or any kind of disability. The U.S. government incurs a cost of 2.35 billion dollars in a year because of these crashes. Unless anything is done in this regard, road accidents will become the fifth leading reason for death in the world by 2030.

Unfortunately, if you are one of those who have incurred an injury after an accident, your major concern would be its life-long implications. Will your quality of life be compromised? The undeniable truth is that a car accident brings along with it both physical and psychological trauma. You need to find the most appropriate way to deal with all the stress so that you can recover from the after-effects as soon as possible.

Post-Accident Recovery Concerns

After a car accident, there are two major aspects of the body which need to be paid attention to – muscular and skeletal. They require to be thoroughly evaluated so that one can infer the possible outcomes due to the trauma.

The body goes through intense shock during the occurrence of an accident. The abrupt stop can strain the muscles beyond their capacity and the impact itself can be damaging for them. Secondly, your skeletal system is also prone to injury and the implications can lead to misalignment of the muscles.

In simple words, it would be very difficult to avoid complications, which can even lead to further chronic conditions. The muscles and ligaments throughout the spine are either irritated or damaged. In rare cases, all this suffering may even lead to spine arthritis.  You can also consider a Cosmetic Clinic in Adelaide for options.

How Can Massage Therapy Help?

The massage therapy is a popular treatment for the pain in the back, neck, and stressful headaches. Does this technique actually have the ability to bring down the pain or is a mere distraction for the patients?

There is no denying that massage therapy comes with some plausible medical benefits. Most importantly, the emotional value it carries and the effects it generates on mental health are the keys to ensuring a healthy recovery for the patients. When used in conjunction with the chiropractic treatment, it can do wonders for the patients.

A good physician will make massage therapy an integral part of your treatment as it speeds up tissue healing, reduces inflammation, and helps in restoring mobility. It also plays an important role in bringing down the post-injury compensatory movement patterns.

Massage therapy is highly recommended in one or more of the following circumstances:

  • If you are facing a chronic pain syndrome.
  • When your body muscles have been used excessively.
  • To get rid of workplace stress and the discomfort which is built-up while working.
  • Swelling after an injury or a surgery.
  • Reducing the side-effects of cancer-related treatment.

The Journey to Recovery through Yoga

Any person who has been affected by a car crash needs physical, mental, and emotional care. After consulting the best car accident doctor in Atlanta or any other big city in the country, you must start seeking the most beneficial and quickest way to recovery.

Yoga practice has proven to improve the recovery process from an injury as it lengthens the muscle tissue, strengthens it by applying stress in different shapes, and increases the motion range of the skeleton. Such benefits from Yoga help in dealing with musculoskeletal disorders and car crash injuries.

Most importantly, yoga reduces the cortisol levels in the body. It is a stress hormone which has been associated with the negative effects a body experiences after an injury. Yoga also improves the health of your joints so if you experience neck, knee, or back injury, you know what to do for a speedy recovery.

After getting the recommendation from the doctor regarding your specific injury, you must choose the right yoga class. Each yoga class is designed considering the certain body type and lean preference of the individual. Since after the injury, your body will require time to reach its full potential so make sure to enroll yourself in a class which will lead you to your goal.


From undergoing intensive surgical procedures to a regular intake of supplements, your body is subjected to a lot of treatment. Something needs to be done to make it relax and to ensure that all the affected muscles and bones in the body regain their normal strength and shape.

While massage therapy and yoga can significantly improve your health, it is also very important to follow the instructions of your pain doctor for a steady recovery. Consult a specialist and opt for the right way to regain your health and you’ll have that fit body back within months.