How to Reduce Pain from Braces – Easy Tips to Follow

If you’ve just returned from your orthodontist in Surrey after getting your brackets and wires fixed, chances are that the pain is slowly creeping in. A little bad news here— every time you go to your orthodontist to get the Archwires readjusted, you are going to experience a certain amount of pain and discomfort.

However, certain easy tips in the form of home remedies can help you handle the pain better without always reaching out for over-the-counter painkillers. With that said, here are some easy tricks that work like magic for relieving braces pain.

Ice Packs

Ice packs work wonders for pain from the braces being tightened pretty much like they do in case of sprains and cramps. All you need to do is apply an ice pack to the outside of your mouth— where the pain is concentrated. Besides lowering the intensity of pain, ice packs also help reduce swelling. So, next time you visit the clinic, make it a point to keep your ice pack in the freezer so that you have one ready to tackle the pain as soon as you get back home.

Ice Cream

A delicious solution to the pain that tightening the wire of your brace causes, ice creams work almost like ice packs by offering cold therapy to the affected, painful areas. However, since ice cream delivers more coldness to the swollen and painful parts, it can be a better solution. Not to mention, the sweet taste of the ice cream also serves as a distraction from pain.

Salt Water Swishing

Swishing salt water offers multiple benefits in addition to reducing pain in the mouth from braces. One of the easiest ways to prevent infection in the mouth is using salt water as salt has anti-bacterial properties. To make the most out of salt, all you have to do is add about one teaspoon of salt to 100 ml of water and mix it so it dissolves. Now swish the salt water in your mouth for about 2 minutes. This will not only help reduce pain but also heal the gums and get rid of the swelling sooner.

Avoiding Hard Foods

When you return home after having the Archwires tightened, make it a point to eat soft foods such as porridge, risotto, mashed potatoes, and jello so that the food does not get stuck in your braces, nor does it cause any pain. Strictly avoid hard foods such as pizza, fruits (except softer ones like mangoes), or bread.

While following these tips will help reduce a significant amount of pain, it also helps when you keep reminding yourself that the pain and discomfort are short-lived, and it generally goes away within a couple of days. It is all a part of the journey towards a confident, beautiful, ear-to-ear smile, and once the braces are off, you’ll never remember having gone through the pain and discomfort from getting the braces tightened. So, follow these easy tricks and stay patient to have that pretty smile.