How to Get the Best Dorm on Campus?

Recent data indicate that more than 37,000 undergraduate students are enrolled at the University of Florida. Interestingly, only 22 percent of these students stay in houses that are owned, affiliated, or operated by the university.

Reasons that contribute to the increasing number of living off-campus include work and social commitments, privacy, and lack of finances. However, there are several things you can do to find University of Florida dorms that would fit not only your budget but also your lifestyle.

Prepare for the college bliss and use these insider tips in selecting the most appropriate University of Florida dorms.

Perform A Dorm Search

Getting an acceptance letter is relatively overwhelming, but it comes with a myriad of taxing decisions, especially when it comes to housing. Initially, perform a dorm search online on sites like Campus Reel to ensure that you are living in on a dorm with a friendly atmosphere.

Opt for housing with an excellent reputation for amenities and social life. Bear in mind that college life brings in a new challenge and living in a social setting is a great way to blow off steam in tough occasions.

In general, staying in a dorm socially-inclined dorm enables you to meet and connect with new friends. Likewise, ensure that your dorm is close to the dining hall to prevent running across campus every time you’re hungry.

Take Roommate Surveys Seriously

Remember that the staff members of the residence hall will examine your answers to find out the best matches. While some questions can be monotonous, always choose the solutions that closely align with your opinions.

Doing so will asseverate that you’ll find a roommate that you will live well. Also, try and avoid sharing a room with your friend from high school.

Although it might seem counterintuitive, psychologists have revealed that living together with your best friend may potentially end your friendship over annoyance in cleaning duties.

In relation, consider the number of roommates that are sharing the room with you. Usually, a place will consist of two, three, or even more depending on its size. More roommates translate to creating unique relationships with more people, but it also means more belongings.

Check Amenities

Not every Florida student houses are created equal. Sometimes, newer sleeping quarters come with innovative furniture and amenities.

Take into account amenities like carpeting, heating, closet space, in-room sinks, bathroom, cooking, and your personal preferences in making your decision. Ideally, look for dorms with spacious lobbies wherein you can do homework, socialize, and have fun with your fellow students.

Several dorms provide television, foosball or ping-pong tables, and a basketball court wherein you can hang out with friends. Check out the best foosball table you can purchase online. Examine the size and layout of the lobby spaces and find out its practical and meet your standards.

For best results, go for student dorms that enable you to get creative, grow plants, and eat home-cooked food to make your life better.

Can You Request To Share A Room With Someone?

Roommate assignment policies differ in every university. Most educational institutions develop a residence hall that separates first-year students from other members of the college.

Plus, most college administrators believe that meeting and learning to adapt to new people is part of the college adventure.

So, always check the roommate assignment policies of every university to find out whether such requests are available.