How to do Green Cleaning in Your Home?

Do you want your home to be clean and not be damaged by cleaning products that are harmful to the environment? With the emphasis on health and environment it’s crucial to pay attention to the products we use in our house to keep it clean. This is why this post will be especially helpful for you as it will help you find ways to keep your house space clean with all green products. Our company NW Maids Cleaning Service prioritizes your health and environment so we also offer green cleaning.

1. Air out your house: Rather than using branded air fresheners why not use natural air and leave the windows open for a while to allow fresh air to enter the house. 

2. All-purpose homemade cleaner: If you are unsure about which products are environmentally healthy and which aren’t. It is best to use a mix of both baking soda and vinegar to make an all-purpose cleaner that will keep all your counters clean and smelling fresh.

3. Read the Ingredients: Before buying any product read the descriptions and the ingredients details to understand what exactly are you buying. Try to look for products that are made with biodegradable, non-toxic, and made with renewable resources. That will help you keep your house clean and green. 

4. Wash your clothes at home: As conventional cleaners make the most use of perc or Perchloroethylene that produces smog. It is best to wash your clothes at home or if you have to get them washed by the dry cleaners air them out before using them. 

5. Green House Cleaners: If you are unsure of cleaning your house with green products you can always look for cleaning service providers to see if they are willing to clean your house the way you want. As professionals, they will be more aware of the products that should be used. 

At the end of the day, all you need is a great knowledge of which products to use and you can employ these clean green tactics to ensure your home remains green cleaned.