How To Celebrate The Chinese New Year

If you’re out of trick this year and don’t know where to start with your celebrations, you’re most likely to have racked your brain over and over again for something new. Perhaps you have also sought recommendations from friends who have only turned around to you with the same old cliche. But don’t worry as long as you’ve found this page. Right here, I will show you a simple way on how to celebrate the Chinese new year without making the headlines for the guy who broke the bank. Meanwhile, for your new year cakes, visit Still here? Let’s get started.

Trying Out New Outfits

Dressing for the occasion can be all about reeking in red silk dresses to you. Besides. Red symbolizes good luck, fortune, wealth, and happiness after all. But remember, the goal is to try something new. Right? While you may still want to emphasize the symbol that the red color stands for, you can mix it up with other colors. In this case, I recommend gold. The color gold is associated with brightness too and will give you a sense that you’re participating in the celebration spirit while rocking something new. In whatever you do, however, avoid combining the color black in your outfit as it symbolizes bad luck, misfortune, and death.

Visit A Chinese Temple

Visiting a Chinese temple or multiple Chinese temples is a part of the custom. The idea is not just about praying to the gods and getting their blessings or praying for a better new year. People also go to the Chinese temples to burn incense which is either provided by the priests or by the individual. At the entrance of the temples, you are also likely to find tubes of fortune sticks which you will pick from and hand over to a close-by fortune teller that interprets the pipe to you. Note; if you are not Chinese, make sure you make your research to confirm whether the temple you’re going to accommodates those who are not Chinese.

Set Off Firecrackers

Firecrackers are a part of the Chinese culture when it comes to the celebration of the New Year. The idea or myth behind setting off of firecrackers during the new year is that doing it scares off ghosts that may bear bad luck into the new year. That is exactly why it is most recommended on the new year’s eve. With that explain, it is important to make your findings whether the setting off of personal fireworks is allowed by the government of your community or not. In most Chinese communities, it is allowed, though.

Honoring Your Ancestors

It is advisable to honor one’s ancestors during the new years as a part of the Chinese culture. Though there are multiple ways to do it, honoring your ancestors is best done by visiting the shrines dedicated to them and offering them sacrifices in form of drinks or foods.