How to Brew the Best Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee has many fundamentals as well as different and distinct brewing methods. This difference is responsible for the thickness, flavor, and even the distinct level of caffeine in each cup of coffee you drink. If you would like to get your hands on some DIY and brew your coffee at home, this article would explain how to brew the best filter coffee.

How to brew the best filter coffee; multiple methods.

When we discuss filter coffee brewing, it is only proper, to begin with, the first method which is the Traditional coffee brewer.

Everyone and anyone knows how this is done and every household has a traditional coffee brewer sitting somewhere in the kitchen.

In simple steps, measure your coffee beans and water, get two pitchers; one for adding the water to the brewer. This is distinct from the glass pitcher in the brewer.

Automatic Coffee Brewer

Automatic coffee brewers have multiple brands. Some brands could take your coffee game to a different level, literally cloud nine, and others – well, others may make you lose your zest for coffee.

The differences between top-notch coffee brewers and terrible ones are the amount of temperature they can hold stably as well as how they can distribute water over to the coffee bed. Check for your automatic coffee brewers.

Commercial Coffee Brewers

Commercial coffee brewers are the future of coffee brewers. The coffee brewers, although expensive, ultimately bring about the best kinds of filtered coffee. They evenly distribute the water all over the coffee bed, they hold stable temperature and they are so much easier to use.

How to Brew the Best Filter Coffee

The perfect filter coffee is usually clear. The filter method is an extremely easy and straightforward method of making any cup of coffee and it is not only limited to cafés only.

Filter coffee which is also called pour-over or drip coffee involved pouring hot water through grounded or crushed coffee beans in a filter. Six steps go into the making of the best filter coffee and they are highlighted below;

Step One;

Make the paper filter moist and then fold it into a cone shape. The purpose of moistening the paper is to ensure that the paper sticks and doesn’t affect the overall flavor

Step Two;

Go ahead to choose the kind of coffee you would prefer. For every liter of water, the equivalent in coffee will be 60 grams.

Step Three;

Here, we turn on the stove and heat our water. The acceptable temperature is about 90 to 95 degrees.

Step Four;

Pour the water over the filter in a spiral pattern and stir if need be

Step Five;

Continuously pour the water after all of the bloom is settled

Step Six;

Now that you are done, remove the filter and brewer, pour your coffee into your cup and serve it in whatever style you like; espresso, cappuccino, iced latte, etc.


There is all that goes into making that perfect cup of filter coffee we all love.