How Keeping a Diary Helped Me To Overcome Anxiety

Whenever I hear that someone is depressed, I know that he has been to the abyss and is now recovering. I have learned about depression and anxiety out of the personal experience. It is an experience that I thought would never get to me since there were no signs anywhere in my life. As noted by experts, freelance writing jobs will help you gain financial independence while working on your own terms. 

I counted myself among the luckiest in my class. In fact, education had never been a problem at any grade. I would pass all the subjects without any effort. My parents loved that they had a lot of hope, and they were really proud.

From an early age, I knew that my life was in public, and naturally on television screens. I was a star from day one, and this was not about to change anytime, considering that I was picked to represent my peers on all forums. Nothing could stop me from achieving these goals. 

Shining Star 

I started working for local media houses while still in college. By the time I was graduating, I was the hottest talent. I had appeared on multiple adverts and publicity campaigns with excellent success. I started work before graduating, and my career was on a bright path. It was as though my life was a script that had already been completed. I was just flowing with the currents. 

Life on the limelight came with friends, pressure, and admiration. I drove the best car among peers and colleagues. I moved to a neighborhood that was an envy of many. I counted myself lucky, and indeed, I was lucky. 

I eased the burden for my parents, who were getting old and less productive. They could now afford a comfortable lifestyle, car, and less pressure for their mortgage. This was the best thing that could happen to our family. 

Professional And Social Influence 

I began appearing on lists of the most promising professionals in the industry. I was also listed among the most influential people in the generation. I also began dreaming big since everything seemed laid in front of me. Why would I not be the top anchor? After a few years, I will be a manager and even a CEO. I even enrolled for an executive MBA and took a stride towards conquering the industry. 

I could see friends struggling to find an entry into professional life without success. Some were struggling with depression without anyone to help since their parents were miles away. Some of them used coded language for depression, but we never understood what it meant. It took me a bout of depression to look at the review mirror and discover that it was depression all this time. 

Shock In The Morning 

One day I woke up with what appeared like a rash. I had traveled the previous week, and so I thought that the change in weather had decided to teach me a lesson. Since I had a few days off, I knew that the rash would clear before I resumed work. I did not give it a lot of attention. 

I was a very active social media user. I had thousands of images and videos on my social media networks, and followers would compliment my skin. I posted an image without make-up and enjoyed the fans making fun of my face. 

The problem did not ease by the second day. My girlfriends proposed natural and herbal remedies, but none seemed to work. I resumed work but could not take it to the screen. The rash continued to grow until a doctor recommended screening and other tests. 

The nervous doctor was hesitant to tell me on the phone. I passed by his office, where he hesitantly told me that I had skin cancer. My whole life seemed to crumble. All the screens that were playing on my mind as I interviewed celebrities and world leaders went blank. I knew my career in the limelight was over. 

Social Pressure

I took leave from the office for two weeks hoping to find a solution. These were the worse 14 days of my life. I tried out make-up, but the doctor advised against it because it could worsen the rash. Within a week, I had lost 5 pounds. Friends started calling, but I could not see them because the rash had covered the entire face. Bloggers took up the story, and they were chasing me for photos. I stayed locked up for days to avoid the public. 

My employer let me go after a while. Money stopped flowing. My social media accounts were dead. I could not meet friends, and the curtains seemed to have closed on me.

I was getting late with the bills. I also wanted someone to talk to, but the lines felt dead. I took a paper one mid-morning and began writing as though I was talking to someone. That is when I discovered the power of writing. By the end of the week, I shared my experience on social media. My life appeared to have had a new meaning. 

Offloading A Heavy Burden

Every sentence seemed to take away a part of my pain and frustration. The burden felt lighter. People started reaching out with similar experiences, and I was back on television, this time talking about my diary.

It has been seven months of writing and sharing my experience on different platforms. The diary has become a repository of my insane thoughts and disappointments. The nasty thoughts and anxiety have left my head, and I now walk out of the door every morning with my head held high. The issues that bothered me then are now gone, and my head feels easy. 

Magic Of The Diary 

I have a private blog where I write my most inner thoughts. Others are on a notebook that captures my heaviest experiences. I have also created a support group where we share experiences. If I had not written down my thoughts, I would be done by now. I never thought that the cure for depression was that easy. Today I am a different person, thanks to a simple diary. 

Author Bio

The author is a trained journalist who has worked for some of the leading media houses. Her life changed after skin cancer hit and is now a peer counselor and depression therapist. She has helped countless people to overcome depression using writing and is making a huge impact through her approach.