How Effective Is Running on the Treadmill vs. Running Outside?

If you want to keep fit and healthy, then you should do the workout on a regular basis. Because physical exercise can ensure your overall fitness and keep you alert for the following day. Though many things are associated with good health, running is one of them. Running is considered to be one of the best cardio workouts, which is essential for your good health.

But you may not go outside each day for running if the weather is not in favor of you, right? So, according to, you can do the same workout at home if you have a treadmill. A treadmill can eliminate the hassle of going outside for running or going to the gym. It should be an essential workout machine that improves your overall health condition if you do it regularly.

However, in this how-to guide, I am going to deal with the topic of the article so that you can understand it better and continue your workout session consistently for your better health. So, without further description in the intro, let’s jump into the main section of the article so that you don’t get bored, right?

Running on a Treadmill

A treadmill is one of the most effective cardiovascular tools to workout at home or at the gym. It strengthens your heart and lungs as well as increases blood flow toward your whole body so that you can get better health conditions. Also, it requires less effort when you do your regular workout on the treadmill in comparison with running outside. Because you have to deal with so many issues outside while running on the road or park.

Actually there are many health benefits of running on a treadmill apart from running outside. Because you can run faster as the treadmill belt assists your leg turnover, therefore, it makes it easier for you to run for a long time faster. Also, you never experience the soft tissue hardening that you may have experienced while running on the road.

Forget weather condition

In the case of running outside, you may have to consider the weather condition before you head over to go outside. If the weather is too rough, the chance is you may not continue your running outside. Therefore, you don’t have any choice than just sitting and watching TV or doing other tasks at home, right?

On the other hand, a treadmill can help you eliminate the weather conditions outside. It does not matter what the weather condition is outside. Because you have your treadmill ready at home for running on it. In this way, you can continue your workout session regularly without any disruption due to rough weather at home.

Control your pace

Running outside may not help you to control your pace in most cases. If you go for running a long way, you cannot control it. Therefore, a treadmill can assist you in controlling your pace, especially if you are just returning from any injury. Then you need to control the pace; sometimes, you may run faster while sometimes you may need to slow down due to your injury.

In this case, a treadmill should be your ideal option because it will allow you to set the mileage and speed of your running on the machine. According to your requirements, you can stop anytime and set your needed speed when you need to increase or decrease. So, in this case, a treadmill should prevail running outside, which you should try at home.

A Treadmill is a convenient choice for you

What if you go for running outside in the evening after returning from your office and it starts to rain? You should have to postpone today’s running outside due to the rain. Also, there are other weather conditions outside; you may not be able to go outside for regular running.

In this case, a treadmill should come into the place and help you do your workout continuously and regularly at home. Forgetting the weather condition or other issues of outside, you can run on the treadmill anytime you want, whether it is in the morning or at night. Therefore, a treadmill should be more convenient than that of running outside.


Maybe, you are thinking that while running outside, you can listen to music or podcast, right? Well, you can do that while running outside as well. But it should be impossible for you to read a magazine or to watch your favorite TV program or news.

But a treadmill can help you out in this case. Because while running on the treadmill, you can keep a magazine on the treadmill and readout. Not only that, it will also allow you to watch your favorite TV program so far. Therefore, a treadmill should be your ideal choice for doing multi-task at the same time.

Shock absorbent than running on the pavement

When you opt for running outside, the pavement or road does not allow you better shock absorbent than that of running on the treadmill. Do you know why it is happening? Well, when you run on the treadmill, the smooth and cushioned surface of the treadmill allows you to better shock absorption.

That means you need to put less stress on the ankles and knees while running on the treadmill. Also, it helps you to build endurance the same as when you run or climb on the hills or mountains. Therefore, a treadmill provides you more comfort while running on it that running outside.

Final Thought

A treadmill benefits you in many ways. Most importantly, it allows you to be consistent in your regular workout session because you don’t have to consider the rough weather condition outside for running. Not only that, you can run on a treadmill at any time, whether it is day or night, morning or evening. It helps you to put less stress on your ankles and knees than that of running outside. You can increase the speed of running as well as decrease the speed so far, which you may not control while running outside.