How does dream interpretation work

Last night, you had a completely crazy dream: you were naked in the middle of the schoolyard, pregnant with triplets or surprising your ex with your best friend …

The science of dreams is not exact, but certain themes have a meaning. And there are recurring themes of dreams that many people have independently.

So what do our dreams mean and how do we interpret them? Here are some pointers to help you unravel the mysteries of your nights…

Dream Interpretation: how to remember?

Some people don’t remember anything.

Total darkness over the night that has just passed and whatever happened during your dreams. We all have dreams though, this is a scientific fact proven by modern neuroscience.

Every night after the passage of the sandman, we pass into the dream world. The ancients saw in it messages from the beyond while modern psychoanalysts lean towards the expression of our unconscious.

Difficult to know exactly how to interpret your dreams, is it not?

And why are some people unable to remember a dream when others can recount their night adventures in great detail? For researchers, the brains of big dreamers are extremely reactive to the outside environment.

This would make it easier for them to wake up during the night and therefore remember their dreams more easily. If you belong to the category of big dreamers, a piece of advice, write down your dreams when you wake up! Without this little exercise, it will be difficult for you to remember exactly what happened.

This is because our dreams only belong to our short-term memory within our conscious mind. By writing them down, we keep a long term record, which also gives us a chance to retain them in our long-term memory.

The mystery of dreams

Dreams are as volatile as they are mysterious! And your sleeping position also has meaning.

Some dreams are more common than others.

Who has never dreamed of losing a tooth? And who has never been haunted by his or her ex? If dreams are specific to each of us and we cannot yet manipulate them as in the movie Inception, some dreams say a lot!

Experts have tried to give keys to interpret our dreams: are you chased by someone dangerous? You have not yet reached your personal ambitions!

Are you losing a tooth? It’s a sign of a lack of self-confidence! Are you naked in public? It is a reflection of a situation where you feel vulnerable! Are you always late? Surely your expectations are not being met!

Also be careful not to consider the people you meet in your dreams as real. Above all, they reflect part of our personality. So if you dream of your best friend, it means that you are in harmony with yourself!

Interpretation of dreams: do premonitory dreams exist?

Some time ago, Ericka dreamed that her father announced the death of her grandmother. Two days later, her mother tells her the sad news. Many dreamers tell of similar experiences. Simple coincidence or premonition? Some researchers have looked into the matter to try to solve this riddle.

Because if the dream is a reflection of our psyche, can we really see the future? Is it possible to be a visionary? If the dream feeds on our daily life, our feelings and our sensations, it can then anticipate events! The brain is an extraordinary organ and creator of multiple complex thoughts.

Such dreams would not really be premonitions, but rather revealers of our unconscious. We log hundreds of pieces of information daily. Most of the time we forget them, unlike our brain, which records them and reveals some of them to us through dreams.

There is no certainty about the accuracy of dream interpretations. But one thing is certain, our nights are sometimes more incredible than our days!