How Can Music Motivate You When You Do Your Gym Workout?

Listening to upbeat music while you work out at the gym is a sure-fire way to get those dopamine juice flowing.

Working out while listening to upbeat music is a proven way to enhance your performance, and the good news is that you can still benefit from it even after you finish your workout and you cool down.

Science Backs the Theory of Music Increasing Motivation at the Gym

The journal Psychology of Sport & Exercise published an article in which researchers proved that music is the key point you need to boost your interest to complete high-intensity workouts. The study involved 24 individuals who were asked to do three sprints of 20 seconds at maximum effort.

The participants also cycled for between their sprints for two minutes, and they performed the work outs three times — once listening to no music at all, once with a podcast, and once listening to various tunes with more than 120 bpm (or what the researchers defined as “motivational music”).

Scientists then found that partakers who performed the task listening to music had higher peak power outputs and heart rates than those in the other groups. Even more, those who listened to music reported that they enjoyed their workout more than those who listened to nothing at all or to a podcast.

In conclusion, listening to music while at the gym or when running outside is a very good motivator and if you’re not already doing it, it would be a great idea to start. That way, you can easily increase your performance and obtain the results you want from your training quicker and in a much more pleasant way.  Of course you want to make sure you have high quality home gym equipment as well!

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How Does YouTube into MP4 Conversion Actually Work?

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Music boosts your energy levels and makes you feel more motivated, which is why it is a very good companion for a workout. Don’t forget to download your favorite tunes and listen to them while you work out to boost your mood and get quicker to the results you want at the gym.