Holy Hominy

Hominy is a term not known to many. It is a food that is produced from dried maze (corn) kernel that has been treated with alkali. This process is known as nixtamalization. In Mexican cooking, Hominy is used to make masa, after it has been finely ground. Previously, it was said that untreated corn is supposed to cause pellagra. However, with progressing time, it was not found to be true, as Mexican people who depended on maize did not develop pellagra. Thanks to the nixtamalization process, the niacin is turned into a state where intestines are able to absorb it. Let us take our discussion a bit further about Hominy and how it can be used. 

Things to consider when buying Hominy

Before we proceed with discussing hominy products, there are certain things you need to know and consider. 

Hominy has additional benefits.

As already mentioned, there was a time when it was thought that Hominy might cause pellagra. The reason being that untreated corn consist of the niacin, which the intestines are not able to absorb. Therefore, when the nixtamalization process takes place, it breaks down niacin so that the intestines are able to digest it properly.

It is used as a recipe across the globe.

Although you might have heard the name ‘Hominy’ for the first time, the truth is that it has been around for a while. Its existence goes back to ancient times, and Mexicans and Central Americans have been making use of it to make delicious recipes. One popular dish that is made using Hominy is masa. People cook masa nixtamal with milk and water to make a thick, gruel-like beverage known as atole. 

Furthermore, several American cultures have been using Hominy and integrating it into their diets. For instance, Cherokee has been making hominy grits by soaking corn in a solution of weak lye that is produced by hardwood leaching with water. 

Hominy is easy on your weight.

If you are wondering about how much weight hominy is going to add, then do not worry, Hominy is neither heavy on your weight nor on your waistline. It is essentially a low-fat food. A serving of one cup consists of about 119 calories and 1.5 grams of fat. In addition to that, if you are talking about carbs, it has around 24 grams. However, the good news is that it is a good source of fiber. 

How is Hominy Used and Produced?

Hominy is made from corn kernels that have been soaked in lime or lye solution in order to soften the outer hills that are quite tough to work with otherwise. Then, the kernels are washed so that the excess solution could be removed, and the germs could be killed as well. Even though you can find ready-to-eat hominy cans, we prefer that you cook it ourselves as the cooking provides a different texture and an overall taste. 

Furthermore, Hominy is also sometimes used to make samp, which is done by cracking Hominy. It is coarsely grounded into grits or very finely grounded to make masa, as mentioned previously. In addition to that, Hominy is also used as a thickener for stew, to make tamales and tortillas, etc. 

Final Word

Hominy has remained a popular ingredient because it is both easy to make and can be added to several dishes to enhance the taste further. Organic Hominy, if consumed, does not have any negative effects on health, and this is another reason for its consumption and popularity. It can be used to make soups and porridge etc. without any side effects. However, make sure that the Hominy you opt for is gluten-free and free of any type of preservatives. 

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