Hemp vs Marijuana: A Detailed Guide On Which One Helps To Heal

Recent years have seen increasing popularity in the use of cannabis products for medicinal purposes. Several parts of the world (including regions of the US) have also legalized its use for recreational purposes.

As more and more research continues in this field to explore the potential health benefits of cannabis, we shall compare two members of the cannabis family and see who has an upper edge in healing potential.

Extraction of Hemp and Marijuana for Medicinal Usage

Extraction of Hemp and Marijuana for Medicinal Usage

Today, there are thousands of cosmetic, dietary, and medicinal products derived from hemp seeds. The high Cannabidiol (CBD) strains are processed to produce a range of therapeutic but non-psychoactive products. The processing usually takes place in the industry.

The utilization of Marijuana begins with the trimming of its leaves and stalks down to the flowering section. This may happen either at home or in an industry.

The trimmed bits (which are abundant in Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC) are then consumed for recreational or medicinal purposes. It is to be noted that marijuana products are highly psychoactive and to activate this property, the trimmed leaves need to be heated to a sufficiently high temperature.

CBD oil from Hemp and Marijuana – Which is Better for Healing?

CBD oil from Hemp and Marijuana – Which is Better for Healing

The CBD hemp oil aims to stimulate the endocannabinoid system in your body and plays an active role in restoring the body’s chemical balance. It is highly recommended for people who are recuperating from an illness.

However, prior consultation with your doctor is encouraged to avoid CBD hemp oil interfering with the effects of the medicinal drugs you are already taking. It is to be noted that CBD hemp oil has no significant side effects, and that is why federal law dictates that it should be called a ‘dietary supplement.’

You will find these readily available across departmental stores, health stores, and pharmacies across the country. The CBD marijuana oil is more potent and is recommended for people who want to seek the benefits of THC but cannot afford to get high.

These low-CBD strains are more potent than conventional cbd prerolls. However, these are sold in specific medicinal dispensaries, and you need to find out if this is legal in your state of residence.

Diseases Cured by Hemp vs. Those Cured by Marijuana

Having established that Hemp is rich in CBD and Marijuana has higher THC content, the next major step would be to segregate the diseases on which these herbs work. In general, both hemp and Marijuana are effective in curbing symptoms such as nausea, pain, and anxiety.

However, people suffering from glaucoma, low appetite, insomnia, and muscle spasticity tend to respond better to THC-rich marijuana. Consumption of hemp (in any form) helps one tackle inflammation, bowel disorders, migraines, and seizures. It is used in the treatment of mental health issues such as depression and psychosis.

Guide on the Usage of Hemp and Marijuana

Guide on the Usage of Hemp and Marijuana

Hemp and Marijuana are both loaded in medicinal benefits, and you should use them based on your goals. Here is a detailed look at how you can use hemp and Marijuana for your health benefits.

Slows Down the Progress of Alzheimer’s Disease

Cognitive degeneration is one of the primary causes of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. As a person ages, there is a progressive inflammation in the brain leading to cognitive degeneration.

Hemp is rich in endocannabinoid and is useful in slowing Alzheimer disease’s advent and progress of Alzheimer’s disease in an aging individual.

Tackles PTSD Symptoms

Post-Trauma Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD, is common in veterans, trauma victims, accident survivors, and others. For such people, Marijuana is a great help.

Marijuana’s specific properties prevent the inherent fight or flight response of an individual from going into overdrive and fosters metabolic balance in the body.

Increases the effectiveness of hepatitis C treatment

The treatment of hepatitis C often takes a toll on the body. With nausea, muscle ache, lethargy, and depression being some of the most common side effects of treatment, things can get tough. Consumption of Marijuana tackles all these symptoms, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Mends bones

For people involved in any orthopedic accident, the cannabidiol present in hemp is of great help. Not only does it aid the healing of the broken bone, but it also strengthens the bone. This makes it less prone to future damages, and it is highly recommended for older patients.

Regulates Insulin

The effect of hemp on the human body’s insulin levels has been established in multiple scientific studies. It stabilizes the blood sugar level and cuts down the risk of diabetes.

Improved blood circulation and lower risk of hypertension are also observed in people who consume hemp regularly in controlled quantities.

Tackles Obesity

By regulating the insulin level, hemp empowers the body to manage its calorie intake most efficiently. Moreover, hemp also improves the overall metabolic rate of the body.

This ensures that you do not put on any unnecessary weight and are successful in maintaining an optimum Body Mass Index, also known as BMI.

Improves lung capacity

It is interesting to note that the consumption of hemp cigarettes is effective in increasing your lung capacity. The puffing acts like an exercise to the lungs. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, here you are not taking in any toxins, and it is beneficial to your health.

Tackles alcoholism

People struggling with alcohol addiction can find relief in Marijuana. Gradually switching to Marijuana may be much more comfortable than giving up on alcohol altogether. Other than the multiple health benefits, it is an effective way of giving up on alcohol for good.


As you can see from the information given above, Hemp and Marijuana are both rich in medicinal properties. Depending on the health goal, you must use them accordingly.

While using either, make sure that you adhere to the land laws because marijuana consumption is still illegal in many parts of the world. If you understand your body and tread with ample cautiousness, there is nothing that can stop you from reaping the benefits of this magical plant.